Do Seniors Get A Discount With Dish Network?

Do Seniors Get A Discount With Dish Network - Choice Senior Life

The DISH Network Corporation, simply called the Dish Network, is a TV provider that also supplies satellite TV, along with an over-the-top (OTT) service, Sling TV. Did you know that DISH itself is an acronym for Digital Sky Highway? The company entered the television market relatively recently, in 1980, so does Dish Network offer a senior discount? No, it doesn’t, at least not like the Hertz senior discount. But it offers a myriad of free services for senior citizens who sign up for Dish TV. Let us break down its basic services in brief before diving into the senior offers.

DISH started off as a satellite TV provider, and it has been focusing on the same service to this day. It provides categorized channels for a subscription fee, but you can add more channels to your package, the charges of which will be added to your monthly/weekly subscription. You can also opt for the ‘à la carte’ service for premium channels like HBO. Additionally, they offer wireless programming and SMART TV services based on your device support. An added benefit of DISH is its payment mode, which accepts popular cryptocurrencies as well!

Dish Network Discount Policy

With services that range from premium channels to basic cable TV, you may wonder whether there is a senior discount for DISH Network in place. Unfortunately, there isn’t a discount on their subscription per se, not like the Safeway senior discount. But senior citizens can enjoy a host of benefits after registering on their platform. For one, you don’t need to pay a dime for installing the modem and other accessories in your house. Another major benefit is for movie buffs. You can rent one movie from their extensive collection, free of charge, every month!

What is the Senior Discount Age for DISH Network?

While you won’t get any senior discounts per se on their subscriptions, you can redeem Dish Network’s exclusive benefits for senior citizens. To be eligible for their senior benefits, you will need to be at least 55 years of age, and you need to subscribe to any of their existing plans. If you have just turned 55, then don’t hesitate to ask for senior benefits soon after making the payment for the subscription. The benefits include free installation, free movies, free identity protection for 6 months, and a heavily discounted Stars & Stripes Pack!


DISH Network Senior Discount FAQs
  1. What is the Cheapest DISH Package for Existing Customers?

As of 2022, the cheapest DISH package that you can get is the $47.99 per month pack for over 50 channels. It’s called the Flex Pack, and it includes 50 of the most popular channels in the US. True to its name, the pack lets you customize it as per your needs with add-ons ranging from TV shows for children to premium international channels. There may not be a DISH network senior citizen discount, but they offset it with their amazingly cheap and flexible Flex Pack!

  1. Does DISH Network Offer a Military Discount?

DISH Network’s military offers are similar to its senior offers, with a few added benefits. They don’t provide a distinct military discount on their services. However, once you subscribe to their package, you will receive their Stars & Stripes Pack worth $240 free of cost. It includes exclusive American military channels like AHC, Destination America, STARZ Encore Westerns, Smithsonian Channel, etc. Added benefits include free movies every month, a 2-year TV guarantee, and a straight-up mobile device upgrade.

  1. Does DISH Network Do an Employee Discount?

In internal circles, the employee discounts are called “DISHcounts”, and they are more of benefits rather than out-and-out discounts on the subscription. The DISH Network employees are eligible for paid time day-offs, medical and dental insurance, reimbursed skill-growth tuition, health savings, investments, and many other special offers. The select discounts for DISH employees are applicable to their Sling TV and Boost Mobile services. Other benefits include equitable compensation, 401k, and free installation of the DISH Network’s essentials.

You might have figured out by now that there are more benefits for DISH employees than senior customers. That is usually the case with most companies and businesses that give discounts, like the Dairy Queen senior discount. But it doesn’t mean that there is no DISH Network senior discount provided by the company. This discount comes in the form of benefits and freebies. People who are passionate about watching movies will love their free rental of one film of their choice every month. Additionally, you will get the network equipment installed at your house without any charge.

But all that is just the tip of the iceberg, because senior citizens will receive their identity protection plan for 6 whole months. This means that you don’t have to worry about someone else subscribing to a TV package with your personal details, for they will be completely secure with a unique identification code. And do you remember the discounted Stars & Stripes pack which you are sure to love, be you a senior citizen or a military veteran? All this is applicable only if you are above the age of 55!

About DISH Network:

The history of DISH Network lies in the birth and eventual growth of EchoStar Communications, a satellite TV equipment-providing company founded by Charlie Ergen. It created the DISH Network brand in 1996, post the launch of its first satellite, and changed its name to the DISH Network Corporation around 12 years later. The company expanded quite rapidly in the following years. Did you know that it bought off more than $3 billion worth of competitors in 2011?

Today, the company has a healthy presence throughout the US, with headquarters in Meridian, CO. It deals in everything related to TV, from direct-broadcast satellite to OTT media services. It has several popular media service companies under its wing, like Blockbuster and Republic Wireless, and its revenue falls in the range of $15-$16 billion.

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