How Do I Get the Best Discount for Seniors at Hertz?

How Do I Get the Best Discount for Seniors at Hertz - Choice Senior Life

The Hertz Corporation, simply called Hertz, is an American car rental company with a worldwide presence. It is one of the largest and oldest car rentals on the globe, with its inception way back in 1918. There may only be a countable few people living who are as old as, or even older, than the company! Also, many 50+ seniors who are able to drive can no longer afford, physically or financially, to maintain a personal car, making them the rental’s most loyal customers. So, does Hertz have a senior discount for them? Yes, it does, and it’s not too different from the Ocean State Job Lot senior discount!

The business model of Hertz is as simple as it can get with car rental companies. It has its own fleet of vehicles (the number exceeds 500,000) and it gives those out on rent to its customers. The rental price depends on the duration you want the car for. Weekend rentals usually cost more because of high demand. The rental pay becomes a part of Hertz’s revenue, which is presently upwards of $7.3 billion. However,  as a senior citizen, you can save quite a bit on your daily or weekly rental.

Hertz Discount Policy

Hertz Discount Policy

The official Hertz car rental senior discount policy provides a flat 20% discount on the regular rates to senior citizens. It doesn’t matter how long you have been renting the vehicle for. The 20% discount will be on your total bill even if you take the car out for one day or the entire week. However, please note that the discount will be applicable on the base rate, which excludes the taxes and service charges if any. And if you aren’t a senior citizen yet, you will still be eligible for their 15% discount on base prices, except their daily and/or weekly rentals.

What Is the Senior Discount Age for Hertz?

The Hertz senior discount age is one of the lowest ones in the market – a minimum of 50 years – even lower than the 55+ of the Texas Roadhouse senior discount! Thus, if you are 50 and up, you will get an additional 5% off on the base price of the rental, if the 15% discount for regular customers is still going on. Otherwise, it will be a direct 20% off. Even if you have just turned 50 a day before renting the vehicle, you will receive the discount.

You will need to provide a CDP (Corporate Discount Program) number before renting the car or van, which can be found on the Hertz official website. Your age proof will be mentioned on your driver’s license, so you don’t need to carry any other documents. Other advantages of the Hertz Fifty Plus program include:

  • Faster Checkouts: There is a separate counter at every Hertz outlet for senior citizens.
  • Redeemable Points: The more you rent and travel, the more reward points you will accumulate. Redeem them for an additional offer on your next rental.
  • Premium Status: Premium Status depends on the number of times you have rented from Hertz. It usually involves better customer service and premium offers.


Hertz FAQs
  1. Does Hertz Give Senior Discounts?

Yes, it does, similar to the Fred Meyer senior discount. Senior citizens aged 50 and up will receive a 20% discount on the base price of the rental. You will need to have a special Hertz senior discount code, called CDP, to unlock the benefits of the program. The discount will be included in your total bill and it will be added to the duration that you have rented the vehicle for and its mileage. However, the benefits of the program won’t be directly applicable after you turn 50. You will need to register for the Hertz Fifty Plus program before the discount can be unlocked.

  1. Can You Use a Debit Card with Hertz?

Fortunately, you can use a debit card to make the final payment after returning the vehicle. However, Hertz asks for a security deposit while renting the car. You cannot make this deposit with a debit card, even if you are a member of the Hertz Fifty Plus program. You will need to provide a charge card or a credit card, so that payment can be automatically deducted. Though, if you already have a debit card in your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards profile, you can easily use it for making the deposit.

  1. Does Hertz Do an Employee Discount?

Yes, it does, but not under the CDP scheme for Hertz senior citizen discount. There is a separate Employee Rental Discount (ERD) plan in place for the company’s employees and their family and friends. You will get a flat 30% discount on the base rate for your rentals. You can add up to nine members to your list under this plan, so that they can avail of this amazing discount as well. But there is a catch. The ERD plan is present only in Europe, throughout Corporate Europe to be precise.

Don’t worry, there is a separate plan for US-based employees, too! Hertz employees who are members of can get a 25% discount on the base price of the rental. Alternatively, you can check with your manager if they are offering a separate discount for employees; sometimes they do. It usually falls in the range of 15% to 25%, the former being the offer for regular customers.

In essence, the Hertz Car Rental senior discount falls somewhere in between the other available discounts. The official 20% off from the company is ideally the best discount that seniors can get, but do check a few third-party websites online for any better deals. Please note that you cannot club two discount codes. Only one will be applicable at the time of checkout. So, choose whichever code that provides the higher discount on the base rates. More often than not, you will end up picking the Hertz CDP code.

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