What Senior Discounts Does McDonald’s Offer?

What senior discounts does McDonald's offer?

McDonald’s is one of the largest food chains in the U.S. with 14,000 fast-food restaurants, and they have many outlets across the world. They have a wide variety in their menus such as French Fries, wraps, burgers, beverages, sandwiches, milkshakes, salads, and more. McDonald’s offers various types of hot and cold beverages under their brand name “McCafe”, and people love their frappé, espresso, and cappuccino.

Most popular establishments try to woo their customers with special discounts for seniors. But Does McDonald’s have a senior discount? Yes, there are plenty of McDonald’s franchises and restaurants that offer McDonald’s senior citizen discounts, and if you are eligible, then you can take advantage of those special deals.

Senior citizens usually have limited income, and they cannot afford to spend such amounts on their coffee. If you are a senior citizen, then find out “Does McDonald’s offer a senior discount?” Yes, McDonald’s has a special discount policy for senior citizens. Let’s delve further into this and figure out all the details, such as what age is McDonald’s senior discount demanding from its customers. If you are a Home Depot buyer, you can also find out Does Home Depot have senior discount?

McDonald’s, a fast-food joint, is very popular among the youngsters and as well as the seniors. The senior population loves going to McDonald’s not just for their delicious food and coffee, but also to take advantage of McDonald’s senior citizen discount. The best part is that it is very easy and simple to avail of those offers and deals on coffee, a Big Mac, and some fries. Thus, next time somebody asks you, “does McDonald’s have a senior citizen discount?”, you know what to respond to.

However, as McDonald’s franchises are operated independently, the senior discount at McDonald’s can vary from store to store. You will need to call your local McDonald’s Restaurant, or you can visit your nearest McDonald’s and ask at their counter to know about the previous McDonald’s senior discount 2021 offers. Along with this, seniors can also take advantage of the AT&T senior discount landline.

McDonald’s Senior Discount Policy

McDonald's Senior Discount Policy

Today McDonald’s operates in 39,000 locations throughout the world and each of those establishments runs independently. It seems that there is no single or uniform McDonald’s senior discount policy, and the special offers and discounts available to seniors can vary based on the location of the respective McDonald’s outlet. Thus, McDonald’s deals and discounts can vary significantly from location to location within the same country and from country to country.

Most McDonald’s restaurants are owned and run by independent business owners following the franchise model. The franchisees are permitted to make certain operating decisions, i.e., they can offer some special deals and offers from their end. McDonald’s prefers to give its franchises the opportunity and freedom to make certain decisions at their level. Therefore, one finds a huge difference in the kind and range of McDonald’s senior discounts across the country and the world.

However, that being said, McDonald’s senior discount age is 55 or older, and thus if you are 55+, then you can get special discounts on coffee and beverages at McDonald’s. Just for your knowledge, Papa Murphy’s senior discount age is 50.  Some locations might give you certain percent-off discounts, while others might even offer you a free coffee at McCafe.

  • As not all businesses and establishments advertise their discounts, it is useful if you ask detailed questions regarding those offers and whether there are any senior discounts. One of the best ways out is to browse the country’s McDonald’s website, where you can learn about all the senior citizen discounts. As those offers keep getting changed, one should surf the website on a regular basis so as not to miss out on any special deals. Hence, don’t hesitate to ask, or you can even call your local McDonald’s if you have their number.
  • Now that you know the answer to “does McDonald’s offer a senior discount”, it is time to learn more about those offers and deals. The senior discount program at McDonald’s is valid for in-store purchases. Thus, do some research and find out what kind of offers are going on in your local McDonald’s. But, you cannot avail of their senior citizen discount on online purchases.
  • Any seniors consider becoming a member of AARP or AMAC to take advantage of discounts. So, with AARP or AMAC Membership, you have many surprises and perks waiting for you. You might get a special McDonald’s senior discount coffee if it is your birthday!

How To Avail Of Mcdonald’s Senior Citizen Discounts?

How To Avail Of Mcdonald's Senior Citizen Discounts

You need to stay updated with the latest and current freebies and deals at McDonald’s. An easy way to do so is by downloading McDonald’s app to check out the restaurant’s latest deals for seniors. Once you register and sign in to the app, browse for the Deals section, where you will find all the relevant deals available at your location. Some examples of offers may include FREE sandwich or FREE fries or FREE premium-roast or iced coffee or $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu. McDonald’s senior discounts may include soft drinks or coffee if you order through the mobile app. Sometimes you may even get a free coffee or a sandwich as you download the mobile McDonald’s app because they offer such discounts on your first order only.

What Is The Senior Discount At Mcdonald’s?

Those looking for info about what is McDonald’s senior discount must also look for the reasons behind it. It is a well-known fact that the elderly population is a lot more vulnerable due to their age, health and need to be careful about money as their income is on the decline. Thus, the fast-food restaurant encourages them to look for special deals to get free food and beverages, and they can enjoy their life within limited resources.

Go ahead and enjoy those special McDonald’s senior citizen discounts if you are 55 or older, or treat your grandparent with a free coffee at McDonald’s or one of their favorite hot or iced McCafe blends. McDonald’s is a great place to enjoy quality food with your family, and what makes it even more attractive are those special offers.

McDonald's senior discount FAQs


  • Does McDonald’s offer senior citizen discounts?
    Certain McDonald’s locations may offer a special discount for seniors. So, if you are a senior aged 55+, then you can take advantage of your golden years and order a free coffee or a drink at McDonald’s.
  • What is the age for a senior discount?
    Regarding what age is senior citizen discount at McDonald’s, it is for those who are 55 or older. Ensure that you carry valid ID proof that states your age and makes you eligible for those handsome deals and offers.
  • Does McDonald’s offer a military/teacher discount?
    Yes, some McDonald’s outlets offer special discounts for military veterans and teachers. Hence, all those who are in that profession simply need to prove that they are in the military or working as a teacher to get free coffee from McDonald’s. Just carry your job card or identity card to avail such attractive offers at McDonald’s.
  • Does McDonald’s Give Free Coffee for Seniors?
    Yes, McDonald’s does have special treats like free coffee for seniors, and it is part of the senior citizen discount at McDonald’s. The idea is to encourage and support the vulnerable group in need of help.
  • How to Get a McDonald’s Gift Card Discount?
    You can purchase a McDonald’s Gift Card for a minimum recharge value and can reload it as and when you require it. Those cards can be bought online and are easily available at some outlets.
  • Does McDonald’s Offer a Student Discount?
    McDonald’s does offer a free food discount for students who can enjoy Mayo Chicken, Cheeseburger, or McFlurry.
  • Does McDonald’s Offer discounts on breakfasts for students?
    McDonald’s doesn’t have any such discounts, but students can get free Wi-Fi at selected McDonald’s outlets. So, if you are a student, you must watch out for the latest news and signup on McDonald’s website to get email alerts regarding McDonald’s discounts.
  • Does McDonald’s Offer a Military Discount?
    Yes, there are special military discount offers by McDonald’s, but one hardly ever hears about them officially. But the company does offer discounts for those in the military, and all one needs to do is to check such offers on McDonald’s official website.
  • Does McDonald’s have anything for the poor and homeless?
    The company is a low-budget fast food restaurant, and often one finds lots of homeless people hanging around their stores, especially in certain bigger cities. Thus, the restaurant does not encourage homeless people, or such people might stumble in all the time, looking for free food.
  • Can one use their senior card at McDonald’s?
    Yes, Mcdonald’s is only too happy to hear that you carry a senior’s card that entitles you to brew their current McDonald’s senior discount menu and allows you to have a free coffee/tea/soft drink.
  • How many McDonald’s deals can be used at one time?
    One can avail of only one McDonald’s deal per visit and for one person.
  • Why do some deals disappear and others don’t?
    New deals are regularly added and updated, and thus it is okay to see some deals disappear while others remain. Those deals and offers that have expired are removed once they have been used by the customer.
  • What other ways are there to save money at McDonald’s?
    McDonald’s offers plenty of ways to its customers to save money and keep them happy. For instance, it has a special $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu that allows one to buy quality meals as per theory pocket. Various other deals and promotions are running for other delicacies at McDonald’s restaurants.
  • How much can one save with the senior discount at McDonald’s?
    Regular coffee prices at McDonald’s restaurants are between $1 to $1.5. However, with senior discounts, those coffee prices cut down from about $0.64 to $0.87.  Some of their outlets offer it free of cost to seniors.
  • Are there any other restrictions for McDonald’s senior citizen discount?
    Yeah, apart from the age, some McDonald’s restaurants that are making those offers allow those discounts only for dine-in customers and drive-through customers. At other locations, the customers might have to purchase a minimum to avail of the discounted offers.
  • What are MyMcDonald’s rewards?
    If you are a regular at MyMcDonald’s, then you can join their Loyalty Club. So, every time you spend one dollar at the restaurant, you earn 100 points! You can use those points to get free food once you have 1500 points. Keep in mind that you will only earn points for U.S. dollars.
  • What other deals are popular at McDonald’s?
    Apart from McDonald’s senior citizen discounts, the restaurant also offers special promotions such as limited-time specials, Black Friday deals, $1, $2, or $3 Dollar Menu, half-price deals, and more. Check the app every day to learn about the current offers and make use of them before they are gone.
  • What are McCafé Rewards?
    McCafé Rewards are part of MyMcDonald’s Rewards, and you can locate those rewards under the Rewards tab of the app. However, keep in mind that you have to redeem your points before they get expired.
  • Is one allowed to share their points?
    No, your MyMcDonald’s Rewards and points are your own, and only you can use those rewards. However, it is up to you to share the food with whomsoever once you have redeemed your points.
  • Does every purchase at MyMcDonald’s make points for me?
    Well, there are certain qualifying purchases with an active reward that allow you to earn points. However, you can use McDonald’s Arch card to make that qualifying purchase and earn points. Any kinds of taxes, bottle fees, and other surcharges cannot earn points for you.
  • What are the latest Mcdonald’s Senior Discounts?
    Get 30% OFF in January 2022 if you are an elderly person. Senior citizens can enjoy a whopping 30% OFF in the month of January. Keep browsing the restaurant website to get a lot of discounts and save money.
  • How does one get Mcdonald’s Senior Discount Online?
    It is easy to avail of senior citizen discounts at the McDonald’s website. Just log on to mcdonalds.com and get information about discounts for seniors at the bottom of the website, or you can use the search tool to get the info. Use your ID and chat with customer service to get the information you want to know and how to use the discounts.

Now that you are well aware of what age is senior citizen discount at McDonald’s and how to take advantage of the senior discount at McDonald’s, take your parents or grandparents to the nearest McDonald’s location for a cup of McCafe Frappé, Americano, Latte, or Cappuccino!

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