Ross Stores’ Current Senior Discount Policy

Ross Stores' Current Senior Discount Policy

Ross is an American discount departmental store set up in San Bruno, California, in the year 1950. The key founder of this store is Morris Morrie Ross. In 1985, Morrie sold the departmental store to a man named William Isackson. Ross sells standard quality in-season branded products in the men’s, women’s, and children’s ranges.

Does Ross have a senior discount day? Of course, the Ross senior discount is available to citizens who are 55 years of age or older. Ross offers special discounts to senior citizens. The intention of introducing the Ross senior citizen discount is to provide additional privileges to the senior citizens to help them save. To receive the Ross store senior discount, one needs to go through the senior discount policy. If citizens purchase products at Ross store on a special day, there will be an additional discount on each product. Ross usually sells items at lower prices, so, senior discount Ross is an opportunity for the senior citizens to enjoy extra savings.

The wide varieties of goods at Ross’ stores include clothing, footwear, jewelry, beauty products, home decorations items, electronic appliances, luxurious purses, watches, foodstuffs, and much more at discounted rates. Ross sells items that are not sold in other departmental stores under its own brand name. You need to go through the purchase plan options of Ross to avail the customized products of Ross Store.

Ross senior discount policy

Ross Senior Discount Policy

If you are a senior citizen, looking for departmental stores that offer quality products at the lowest prices, you must consider Ross Stores. As a senior citizen, you would want to save as much money as possible by purchasing discounted products. In this sense, Ross is the right shopping destination.  

Take advantage of Ross senior discount every Tuesday club. It is a completely free program and is open to all senior individuals. To sign up for the program, the only thing is that senior citizens must be 55 years of age or above. To take advantage of the senior discount at Ross, the citizens must sign up for the Ross Tuesday senior discount club.

The Ross stores have two specific Ross senior discount days – Tuesday and Wednesday. Ross offers a 10% discount on every purchase by senior citizens made on Tuesday. You can purchase everything that you need on Tuesday senior discount day and save a lot of money. You can use your saved money in your home, or for other recreational purposes.

The signup process for Ross senior discount day is straightforward and can be done easily. First, visit the Ross store, then go to the customer service desk of Ross, and show your valid ID. Note, Ross does not provide online sign-up advantages. Therefore, it is crucial to sign up on the spot for every citizen.

You will then get a discount card that will act as a key to get a Ross store senior discount. On the specific senior discount days, you will need to go to the store bringing this key. Ross stores do not provide discount cards, under the circumstances, you need to show your ID whenever you visit Ross on Tuesday or Wednesday for purchasing products at Ross senior citizen discount rates.

Ross dress for less senior discount allows one to buy anything from their complete range consisting of clothing and footwear to beauty products, home products and more. Senior citizens discount cards are applicable at any Ross store. Some more discounts similar to Ross stores senior discount are Kohl’s senior discount day, Verizon Fios senior discount, and Walmart senior discount days. 

Ross senior discount FAQs


What Is The Age For Senior Discount?

The age for senior discount is 55 years. Ross senior discount is open for every citizen, regardless of men or women. By signing up for the Tuesday senior discount program, any citizen can purchase products at a Ross store for an extra 10% off. This results in huge savings for senior citizens.

When Are Ross Senior Discount Days?

Ross’ senior discount days are Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, Ross offers a 10% discount on every product for every Tuesday club, while on Wednesday, 10% to 15% discounts are available for senior citizens of 55 years of age or above. Ross dress for less senior discount is available at every Ross store. Senior citizens can save up to 15% on clothing at Kohl’s senior discount day, too.

Are There Any Tips To Save Money At Ross Departmental Stores?

  • Ask for markdowns for stained items
  • Go shopping the bargain clearance areas of the Ross store
  • Use Facebook to get giveaways offered by Ross Store
  • Get information about new offers by visiting the store every week
  • Check out different Ross stores

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