Verizon Discount Plans For Senior In 2024

Verizon discount plans for senior

Are you also wondering whether a senior citizen discount Verizon wireless offers luring options? Well, Verizon’s mobile phone plan is known for its wide variety that caters to the public’s specific demographics. They have several types of mobile phone plans so that customers can choose as per their needs. Verizon senior discount home phone is used by many people in the USA.

To answer the question,Does Verizon have a senior discount?” or “Does Verizon give a senior discount?”, Verizon does not have a senior discount, but it provides a plan for those above 55 plus known as the Verizon 55+ plan. Verizon is one of the best stores that have a discount policy not only for senior citizens but also for those who have retired from their respective earnings. This has to be the best information, considering how helpful and thoughtful it is for the senior citizens of the US. So, next time somebody asks you “does Verizon wireless offer a senior discount” you already know the answer.

Let’s find out more about the Verizon Senior Discount plan, the age requirement, and whether there is any special discount for retired seniors.

Verizon Wireless Senior Discount Policy

Verizon has its plan for the 55-year-old and above, also known as the Verizon 55 plus plan or senior discount Verizon wireless, that caters to senior citizens and offers a variety of features at a discounted price. Verizon senior citizen discount lets you save up to $50 per month as compared to their standard plan. Earlier, there was a plan known as the Verizon 65 Plus plan, which was a basic plan for smartphone users. 

The Verizon 55 plus plan is an unlimited plan with reliable and fast coverage of Verizon’s wireless network. This plan has been developed to provide the best streaming and talk time facility to senior citizens who are 55 plus. Also, this plan is available only in Florida state. Once you have enrolled in this plan, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Get access to unlimited 4G LTE data
  2. Enjoy unlimited talk time and text to your friends and family
  3. Unlimited mobile hotspot at 600 Mbps
  4. Verizon Up Rewards
  5. The plan also includes talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada
  6. Enjoy DVD-quality streaming (480p)
  7. 6-month Apple® Music promotion

This plan is available at $60 per month plus taxes and fees for one and two lines. You need to pay $80 per month plus taxes.

How to enroll foe the Verizon Wireless senior citizen discount

How To Enroll For The Verizon Wireless Senior Citizen Discount?

The senior customers must call the Verizon customer service or go to the Verizon store near them. They can even sign up online, and their account will become activated once the eligibility is verified through ID proof.

Enrolling in the 55+ discount plan is very simple; just log on to Here you will be asked to fill in the details like your year of birth, the city should be Florida (since the plan is only active for the people residing in Florida), how many lines you want, and finally, you need to select whether you are new to Verizon or an existing customer. Here you can check your eligibility, and if qualified, you can enroll for the connection.

Verizon AARP Discount For Seniors

AARP, also known as the American Association of Retired Person, offers a special membership for those aged above 50 years old. It focuses on helping the senior citizens of the USA be provided support from their vulnerable situations and economic problems. As a member of the AARP, you get free membership on the household access to various discounts, programs, and product purchases.

There is no AARP discount for Verizon, however, they have a discount plan for senior citizens. The Verizon 55+ phone plan is the only verified Verizon discount for senior citizens. Verizon gives no specific AARP discounts, but those affiliated with the company get employee discounts. Employee discounts cannot be counted as senior discounts.

Verizon Wireless Senior Discounts For Retirees

For a senior citizen discount, Verizon provides its retired employees with several kinds of discounts on products and services that they want a discount on. The employees get to enjoy the discounts even after they have retired. Therefore, no discount is provided to any customer if they are unrelated to the company itself. The Verizon internet senior discounts are 25 % off on purchases provided to retired Verizon senior customers. This is also useful for those related to the company and not for other customers.

Verizon senior discount FAQs


Does Verizon Offer A Senior Discount, And What Is The Age Bar For Senior Discounts?

The senior discount Verizon plan is available with Verizon. The age required for a senior discount is always 55 years and above age. Verizon even provides a Verizon 65 plus phone plan for those 65 years of age. There is also a Verizon 55 plus plan.

Does Verizon Have A Senior Discount Plan? What’s The Eligibility?

The Verizon 55+ plan is made to accommodate senior citizens aged 55 years and above. The eligibility criteria for this plan are:

  • The account’s user should be 55 and above in age.
  • They must have one or two phones on their account.
  • You can only acquire up to two lines for a single account.
  • The account’s billing address must lie in areas such as Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Texas

When Are Verizon Senior Discount Days?

There are no Verizon senior discount days for seniors. However, retired Verizon employees do give an employee discount to their retired employees.

Is There Any Verizon Fios Senior Discount?

You will need to check the official website to know the latest offer on Verizon Fios or Verizon senior discount internet.

What Other Brands Provide Senior Discounts?

  • Kohl’s senior discount is up to 15 % for all merchandise purchases for customers above the age of 60. If you purchase products for $100, you will get $15 off on the purchase of products.
  • Honey Baked Ham senior discount includes a 20% discount for all the customers aged 60 years and above. This discount is provided every month for buying a honey-baked ham every month. There is a specific day accounted for the seniors known as the Ross Senior Discount Day at Ross stores. The day designated is Tuesday and is for shoppers aged 55 years old and above. The seniors get a 10% discount on their purchase when they sign for Every Tuesday Club.


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    I’m T-Mobile customer on their Senior Discount plan in NJ, I pay a total of $70.00 Months total for 2 Lines I get unlimited 5G.
    What does Verizon In NJ offer Senior
    I was once a Verizon customer many years ago, I left, you offer nothing for seniors

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