Walmart Senior Citizen Discount 2024 Guide

Walmart senior citizen discount

Walmart is a popular store with about 5,000+ stores spread across the US and provides an amazingly elaborate range of services and products at reasonable prices. Discounts and a sale on some items, rollback items, are also given out at Walmart. However, some people still wonder, “does Walmart have a senior discount?”. If you are one of these curious customers, then keep on reading this article and learn all the details about the senior discount at Walmart, such as “what age is senior discount at Walmart requiring from its clients?”

But have you also wondered who can use these kinds of discounts provided at Walmart? And, does Walmart have a senior discount day as well? Keep reading below to know more about the discounts given at Walmart.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not have any dedicated discount policies for seniors presently, and it is difficult to gauge whether there will be any in the future. Even if there is a discount policy for seniors, it is hard to guess the minimum age required to be qualified as a senior citizen.

Moreover, the age qualification could differ from store to store and state to state as well. The usual age ranges from 50 years to 70 years of age. You could still save money by learning about the Walmart Veterans policy next time you shop.

Also, Walmart has a senior shopping hour made especially for their older customers to have an authentic shopping experience at Walmart without the constant hustle and bustle of the young crowd.

Walmart senior discount policy

Walmart Senior Discount Policy

Walmart has no senior discount/coupons and does not offer any senior citizen discount days or special deals for people at age 50 and above. However, senior citizens could use the benefit of coupons, matching prices, items on sale, and rollbacks and save some expenses of their own.

Even though there are no special offers for senior citizens at Walmart, several discounts are given at different stores. Read below to know more about it.

Walmart AARP Discounts

No, Walmart has no AARP discounts for any kind of grocery or any other product, even though AARP is all about enriching the lives of those who are 50 years of age and above. However, Kohl’s Senior citizen discount and numerous other stores give AARP members a discount, such as Goodwill, UPS, and TJ Maxx.

Is There Any Senior Discount Walmart Offers At Other Locations?

No, Walmart Canada is the same as Walmart US and does not offer any discount at any of the stores or online. However, Canadian customers of Walmart do have an advantage of getting a senior discount at stores like Farm Fresh, Tim Horton’s, etc. Presently, none of the Walmart stores are offering special senior discounts. However, there are other ways to save money, which will be discussed ahead.

What Is The Age Requirement To Qualify As A Senior Citizen?

Although Walmart doesn’t offer a senior discount, there are other stores that offer special discounts and offers. Usually, the senior discount is applied to 55 years of age and above across the US. Also, retailers like restaurants, grocery locations, and even cinemas give off certain discounts dedicated to those of age 55 and above like:

  • IHOP is a famous chain of restaurants, and they have a dedicated menu for people aged 55 and above. It is inclusive of their taste preference and health features.
  • Sprint is a renowned cell phone provider with a 55s discount for senior citizen customers.

Walmart Senior Discount Days At Walmart

Even though there are no specific Walmart senior discount days for the senior customers, they offer shopping hours for customers aged 60 years old and above. This special opportunity is made especially for the senior customers and is available only on Tuesdays. There is also a specific time for the senior citizens to use this discount, i.e., from 6 AM – 7 AM in the United States of America.

Other Ways To Get Great Discounts At Walmart

As mentioned, there is no special Walmart senior discount. However, there are other ways to save when you are shopping at Walmart

  1. Clearance, Rollbacks, and Special Buys – Walmart often comes with rollbacks and other special pricing online and offline.  When you are visiting the store, you can see the discounted price, and the same is visible online.
  2. Coupons – You can also avail of coupons offered by Walmart. The details of the same are mentioned in the local Walmart’s weekly ad. Make sure that you check the date of expiry before using the coupon.
  3. Price matching – Walmart also guarantees to offer the best price to its customers. You can compare the pricing.  
Walmart Senior Citizen Discount FAQs


What Aged People Can Get Walmart Senior Discount?

The possible Walmart senior discount age in the future will be people who are 55 years old and above. You will have to show certain IDs to prove your identity with your age.

When Are Walmart’s Senior Discount Days?

Walmart does not give any senior citizen discount days for the senior citizen customers, and they are only given normal coupons or sale items the same as other customers.

Are There Any Other Stores That Offer Senior Discounts?

Yes, there are other stores offering senior discounts. These discount offers for senior citizens cover stores such as groceries, restaurants, clothing, and recreational activities centers. Some stores that give senior discounts are Ross Stores senior discount given to citizens aged 55 years and older only on Tuesdays up to 10 percent off on clothing items. Kroger’s outlets also offer a discount card to senior citizens in some locations.

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What Proof Is To Be Shown To Apply For A Senior Discount At Various Stores?

You only need to present proof of Identity that distinctly marks your date of birth to easily show your age. This is common across different stores, so one must not fret over this.

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