Walmart Senior Shopping Hour Extended in 2024

Walmart senior shopping hour extended

Like all the other retail stores in the country, Walmart, too, had drastically reduced the timing for the stores. This was done to keep their customers safe as well as their employees. The company also introduced Walmart senior store hours that were especially for the aged citizens of the country. Currently, senior citizens can still avail themselves of these senior hours at Walmart.

Initially, this system of special Walmart senior citizens hours was supposed to be only for a limited time. The company began this venture with the idea of only having it for one month, i.e., from the end of March to the end of April. This was eventually extended to May, and it is continued till this day.

Walmart had initially closed down some of its non-essential stores, such as Auto-repair. These have finally opened and are operating as per their regular schedule.

What Are Senior Hours At Walmart In The Present Day?

Walmart maintains a strict time schedule for the seniors. Walmart senior shopping hours are every Tuesday, from 8 am to 9 am; the at-risk groups can visit the stores. The stores are meant to be less crowded during this time to prevent the chances of the elderly getting infected by the virus. The early hour also makes sure that the store is freshly sanitized before the first shoppers arrive.

Apart from the Walmart senior hours, the store is open for the public from 7 am to 10 pm.

Does Walmart Still Have Senior Hours For Stores Other Than The Grocery Store?

The timings for the other stores, such as pharmacies and vision centers, were severely cut short during the early period of the pandemic. The timings have slowly increased, and they are back to normal or pre-covid timings. Non-essential stores are also back open for the public.

The pharmacy and vision stores are also going to follow the Walmart senior hours’ schedule and will remain open during this time.

Walmart Senior Shopping Hour FAQs


  1. Walmart Senior Hours Age Requirement

Walmart recognizes 60 as the minimum age to be identified as a senior. So, if someone is over the age of 60, they automatically qualify to visit the stores during their senior hours.

  1. Why Does Walmart Have Senior Hours Available To Other People As Well?

Currently, these timings are no longer exclusive to the aged citizens of the country, since there are other groups of the population that are in as much danger as the seniors. These people are at risk from coronavirus as well. The company has extended their Walmart senior citizen hours to them, too.

Therefore, people who have health issues and are recommended to stay away from crowds by doctors can visit the store during these hours.

Senior shopping hours at Walmart have come a long way from being a trial to a staple requirement in the stores. It has made it safer for vulnerable groups to visit stores and shop with ease of mind.

  1. Does Any Other Store Offer Senior Hours?

Yes, many stores now offer senior hours like Costco senior hours, Kohl’s senior shopping hours, Stop and Shop senior hours.

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