Kohl’s Senior Citizen Discount – Learn How to Get In 2024!

kohls senior citizen discount

Kohl’s is one of the biggest retail chains where you can find some designer dresses for all ages. You can visit their outlet to buy your dresses, but how would you save your cost? You’d be amazed to note different businesses even provide specific discounts for seniors. For example, a senior discount at Kohl’s amounts to a 15% discount to senior citizens. If you’re here to know about Kohl’s senior discount details, keep your eye on this article until the end. Before knowing everything, you need to find out whether there are any Kohl’s senior discount days available.

Does Kohl’s have a senior discount day? Well, there’s a particular Kohl’s senior discount day applicable when senior citizens could enjoy a certain percentage of discounts for in-store purchases. Also, this specific discount system is relevant only to Kohl’s location or stores. Most of their stores offer this senior citizen discount every Wednesday, and you can avail yourself of a 15% discount on all products. But, before heading into their store, you should know about Kohl’s senior discount exclusions.

Kohl’s Senior Discount Policy

Customers “aged 60 or above” are eligible for a 15% discount every Wednesday at Kohl’s. The store requires you to provide identification, so their sales associates can verify your age.

As per Kohl’s Senior Discount Policy, those above 60 years can get an exciting 15% Kohl’s senior citizen discount every Wednesday. So, if you belong to the 60+ age group, you could indeed opt for this particular discount every week on Wednesday. Also, you must know the Kohl’s Senior Discount Policy before you visit their store to avail this discount offer.

It’s undeniable that Kohl’s offers specific seasonal coupons, including Kohl’s cash and others. The best part about shopping at Kohl’s is that along with senior discounts, you could add other coupons as well. Indeed, these extra discounts would be deducted before the 15% senior discount. For example, you can use Kohl’s Cash, Yes2You rewards, promotional gifts, and dollar-off discounts at Kohl’s store, and you can use such coupons or offers with your senior citizen discount.

It would be best to remember certain things while opting for the senior discount at Kohl. Your ID will be enough to enjoy the senior discount at Kohl’s as a customer. If you’re a customer over the age of 60 having your ID, then you won’t need other printed coupons or discount codes for Kohl’s senior discount.

Indeed, several questions must be on your mind, like – Does Kohl’s have a senior discount? For this, we have already mentioned that Wednesday is the day when senior citizens can get this 15% discount at Kohl’s store. One can’t apply for this discount on other days of the week. 

Kohl’s allows each customer to enjoy combining their deals with other specific discounts, coupons, and more. But the offers must be a dollar-off discount that includes Kohl’s cash coupons or other promotional gifts. In such cases, dollar-off deals would get the priority and need to be applied first. For example, if you have Kohl’s cash of $50, and you want to buy a product of $100 then your senior citizen discount (15%) will be applied on the rest $50. So, your Kohl’s cash of $50 will be deducted from the product price, and a 15% discount will be applied on the rest of $50. You need to pay $35 for the product. 

Furthermore, one can’t opt for Kohl’s senior discount online as they do not have any such facilities on their website. But, signing up at their website could enable you to receive various emails from every retailer, and Kohl’s emails include specific coupons and notices for upcoming sales or events. 

Kohl’s Senior Discount Exclusions 

Do you enjoy shopping at Kohl’s? Does Kohl’s have a senior citizen discount day like other stores? Yes, most of their stores offer this senior citizen discount on Wednesday only. If so, you could ask your family or friends to visit the store and enjoy the fantastic discount, especially for senior citizens, applicable once a week. You can use the price matching policy while shopping at Kohl’s. 

  • The price matching policy mainly works when you bring their competitors’ current advertising print with the recent date on the Kohl’s store. The advertisement needs to have a proper description regarding the item, and you could get this only for in-store products and prices. Also, their competitors need to have a physical store.
  • No doubt, you can get around a 15% discount from Kohl’s online store just for signing up for their website. Isn’t it cool? Who doesn’t want to save money, especially during shopping? Kohl’s promo code is another fantastic method to save money while shopping from them. After verifying as a senior citizen, promo codes from Kohl’s would enable you to save more money. But according to their policy, senior citizen discounts are applicable on their physical stores, and you cannot avail of this offer on online purchases. 
  • Getting gifts cards and rewards would lead to more considerable savings while shopping at Kohl. You could score several extra points while purchasing gift cards, which would greatly help you to save more. But you cannot avail of the senior citizen discount on the products that you have already purchased. You need to ask for a discount before you pay. If you forget to ask for this discount before you pay, then you must return your products and buy it again to make use of the senior citizen discount. 
  • You need to visit Kohl’s website once and confirm the lists of brands that are not applicable for the senior discount. Otherwise, you could ask the sales associate to ensure any brand if you’re interested in it. They can assist you to avail the discount offer while you visit their store. 
Kohl’s Senior Citizen Discount FAQs


a. What Is The Age For A Senior Discount?

At Kohl’s, one can get a senior discount at the age of 60 and above. 

b. When Is Kohl’s Open?

Kohl’s store opens at 9:00 am each day other than weekends and closes at 10:00 pm. 

c. When Are Kohl’s Senior Discount Days?

Every Wednesday, Kohl’s offers about a 15% discount for senior citizens at their stores. 

d. Does Kohl’s Have A Senior Discount Online?

No, Kohl’s doesn’t offer the senior citizen discount facility on their website. 

e. Are There Any More Stores Offering Senior Discounts?

Wednesday is Kohl’s senior citizen discount day. However, several more stores like Kohl’s provide a particular discount for senior citizens on a specific day every week. Indeed, the senior discount day varies from one store to another, so before visiting any store, you must know about their discount policy. 

  • One of them is Verizon, which offers a fantastic 55 plus plan for seniors. The Verizon senior discount plan provides unlimited plans to citizens above 55 by paying $66 per month. 
  • The discount package for seniors in Ross is like Kohl’s as the Ross senior discount day is on Tuesday. Indeed, senior citizens could enjoy a 10% discount on every purchase they make on Tuesdays. Interestingly, they cover numerous deals and offers in the first place. 
  • Earlier, Walmart senior discount was quite popular, but as of recent days, they’re not offering any special discounts for senior citizens or don’t have any special discount day for senior citizens. However, senior citizens could save here by taking the advantage of the clearance items, price matching, coupons, along with rollbacks. 

Wrapping Up 

Undoubtedly, you will enjoy amazing discounts especially offered to senior citizens at Kohl’s. Also, one needs to show a valid ID as their proof of age to avail discounts. Moreover, a particular day of the week is made as a senior discount day at Kohl’s, and you cannot avail of this offer on their online store. With the information in this article, you won’t face any hassle while availing of the discount.

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