How Much Is the EOTech Military Discount?

How Much Is the EOTech Military Discount - Choice Senior Life

EOTech is an American weapons sight system company that offers the EOTech military discount to US military service members. To qualify for their discount program, you must pass through their so-called Pro-Sales Program. 

Qualified program members get benefits that are tailor-made for every Pro-Sales member’s needs and capabilities. These include discounts and exclusive product offers from EOTech’s lineup of sight system products.

Another way to get military discounts is through other weapons accessories companies that carry EOTech products. US military personnel and veterans can avail of this discount after registering their military credentials on these companies’ websites. 

EOTech Military Discount Policy

EOTech does not hand out discounts to anybody who asks. The military discount EOTech is embedded in their EOTech Pro-Sales Program. The program screens active police, law enforcement, military personnel, veterans, or any professional gun user who wants to purchase their weapon sight systems at a discounted price.

Discounts that they award to passers of the Pro-Sales application screening vary from person to person. If you want to avail of what the military discount EOTech has to offer, then head over to their website and submit an online application form for the EOTech Pro-Sales Discount Program.


EOTech Military Discount FAQs
  1. Does EOTech Offer a Military Discount for US Military Veterans?

Any veteran who wants to purchase an EOTech product at a discounted price should submit a Pro-Sales application and let EOTech decide whether they are qualified for a discount. For other interesting discounts, veterans can visit the Choice Senior Life website to learn about other discounts they can avail of.

  1. What Is the EOTech Pro-Sales Program?

The EOTech Pro-Sales Program is EOTech’s way of helping their professional customers acquire their products at a lower price while mutually getting promotion benefits that these professional customers can bring them.

Pro-sales members from law enforcement and the military can get EOTech sales contracts and bulk orders with these members’ units and agencies. Members like professional sports shooters and YouTubers give EOTech exposure through these members’ highly publicized exploits.

  1. Does EOTech Offer a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, they do. EOTech has its No BS lifetime warranty for owners of their Vudu Precision Riflescopes. EOTech promises to repair or replace scopes that have any issues free of charge. 

  1. What Are the Benefits of EOTech Optics?

Having EOTech optics mounted on your firearms gives you an unparalleled advantage through cutting-edge firearm sight and scope technology. In short, the main benefit of having the best optics is always hitting your mark – something inimitable in the world of law enforcement, military operations, or even hunting. 

EOTech’s greatest innovation is its HWS, or Holographic Weapons Sights series. These offer a holographic heads-up display for the user. This means that the user can use the sight with both eyes open for an unlimited field of vision – a tremendous advantage when handling firearms. 

Plus, all EOTech products are made and assembled in the USA to assure unrivaled quality and durability that will match your time of service and beyond.

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