What Day Is Senior Discount at Safeway?

What Day Is Senior Discount at Safeway - Choice Senior Life

Safeway is a chain of supermarkets and department stores that are present throughout the United States. It was established in 1915 by Marion Barton Skaggs, and it is currently owned by Albertsons. It is generally popular among the elderly because of its easily accessible and well-stocked items, along with an option for online ordering and doorstep delivery services. And its staff members are known to be quite helpful toward the seniors. So, does Safeway have senior discount days to add to its already existing elderly benefits? Unfortunately not, at least not officially.

So why else should you, the senior citizen, shop at Safeway? Whyever should you not, we ask you instead! True to its name, Safeway provides a safe and secure shopping experience. And did you know that it has over 900 stores in 17 different states? You can find everything that fulfills your monthly or weekly needs at any Safeway outlet, ranging from hot bakery items and frozen foods to fresh groceries and reliable medicines. You can also place an order for the required products on their online portal. In addition, customers of all ages can get hefty discounts at Safeway. 

Safeway Senior Discount Policy

Safeway Senior Discount Policy

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t an official senior discount day at Safeway, which means that there also isn’t a dedicated discount policy in place. However, quite a few of the outlets offer a discount for senior citizens on certain days. Check with your nearest supermarket to know whether they have such days. If they do, then it will usually be on the first Wednesday of the month. The discount may differ depending on the manager, but it is generally around 10% off on the products. Please note that the discount will be applicable to only certain selected items in the store.

What Is the Senior Discount Age for Safeway?

The Safeway senior discount day 2021 was available for customers above the age of 55, which is the same as the eligibility criterion for the senior discount at Christopher and Banks. Thus, if your nearest store is offering a senior discount on a particular day, then you will be able to avail of the discount if you are 55+ years of age. It is better for you to confirm the minimum age requirement with the store manager before visiting, as the eligibility age is known to differ sometimes (varies between 55 and 65).


Safeway Senior Discount FAQs
  1. What Does Safeway Give You for Your Birthday?

If you are still wondering “what day is senior discount at Safeway?” or “is it like the Publix senior citizen discount day?”, stop filling your head with the small stuff. Look forward to your birthday instead! Safeway gives you a gift worth up to $10 on your birthday. All you need to do is to become a Safeway for U member, their special rewards program for regular shoppers. You can either register online or contact the cashier at your nearest Safeway store. Don’t forget to add your date of birth during registration.

Then, simply make purchases anytime before your birthday from your Safeway for U account, and wait for your birthday gift to be credited on the big day. You can find it in your account soon after 12 in the morning. Feel free to redeem the freebie either online or in-store. Remember that you can receive only one birthday gift per household during a month. If the birthday of another member of your family falls on the same day, then only one of you will be eligible for the freebie.

  1. Can You Get Cash Back from a Safeway Gift Card?

There is no official cash back policy from Safeway for their gift cards. But a few third-party websites claim that you can receive up to 1% cash back by shopping through their portal with the card. The Safeway gift card is a direct redemption plastic card that provides no additional benefits per se. But you can use it to obtain the Safeway senior discount on your bill, if available, at the outlet. The senior discount at Harris Teeter also has a similar deal for gift cards at their stores.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a cash back no matter what, then you can use their prepaid card. Every time that you shop with a Safeway prepaid card, you receive around 2% cash back. There is a limit to the amount of cashback you can receive, however. A maximum of $40 can be saved with this method per year, no more.

You can buy individual Safeway gift cards online or place bulk orders for your organization. And by cash back, if you mean that you want to encash the gift card, then let us assure you that it is not possible to do so. You don’t usually sell any gifts that you receive from your loved ones, do you? The Safeway gift card serves the same purpose.

  1. Does Safeway Offer an Employee Discount?

The employee discount is similar to the senior discount day at Safeway. There is no official policy regarding it, and not all stores offer it. With those that do, employees will generally receive a 10% off on in-house Safeway brands and 5% off on other brands of merchandise. You will most probably need an Air Miles card to avail of the discounts on the final bill. Please note that the offer isn’t valid for new employees. You cannot get a discount on your purchase if you have just joined Safeway as an employee. You must be past your probation period to unlock these benefits.

So all in all, does Safeway have senior discount days? And when is senior discount day at Safeway? Not officially they provide them, but you should contact your nearest store to know more. If the location does offer discounts for seniors, then it will usually be on the first Wednesday of the month. That said, this popular store chain offers a host of other benefits, especially for members of their Safeway for U program. There’s a signup saving of $5 for purchases worth $25 or more, you will receive gifts on your birthday, they will send you personalized deals on certain items, and there is also a points-based rewards system!

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