When Is Ocean State Job Lot Senior Discount 2022?

Ocean State Job Lot senior discount

Before telling you briefly about the company, let’s answer does Ocean State Job Lot have a senior discount? Fortunately, yes! We will discuss this in detail, but let’s start with a little overview of the company, to begin with.

Ocean State Job Lot also known as OSJL is a famous US chain of discount closeout retailers which came into operations in 1977 in Rhode Island. However, presently OSJL has multiple outlets throughout the northeastern United States, including New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Maine. With its operational headquarters located in North Kingstown, OSJL is one of the leading discount retail chains operating in the northeastern region of the US. OSJL is perhaps one of the best stops to shop for apparel, household goods, kitchen pantry staples, pet supplies, garden supplies, pool essentials, etc.

The rising cases of food insecurity have created alarming awareness throughout the world, and the US merchandise is taking the kindhearted initiative of care to help the needful and especially seniors. Therefore, Ocean State Job Lot has also crafted an exclusive Ocean State Job Lot senior discount 2022 on food for seniors. Initiated in December, the company now follows every Monday as senior citizens discount day. All customers aged 62 years and above stand eligible to avail of 20% off on their purchase of food. The company has declared 8 AM to 9 AM of every Monday dedicated to a senior discount. Seniors can fetch huge discounts on a wide range of pantry essentials like pasta, soup, peanut butter, coffee, cooking oil, gourmets, flour, etc.

When Is Ocean State Job Lot Senior Discount Day?

When Is Ocean State Job Lot Senior Discount Day

Ocean State Job Lot offers dedicated discount offers for all seniors aged 62 or above exclusive discounts every Monday. Launched last December, the discount is limited. However, it’s still in the run now, and if you visit an OSJL store on Monday, and if you are a senior citizen of 62 years or above you can bag in as much as a 20% Ocean State Job Lot senior discount.

How Do You Claim a Senior Discount at Ocean State Job Lot?

Seniors looking up to take advantage of this special offer need to present a valid photo ID with proof of age at the OSJL store to the cashier, to process according to discount.

Ocean State Job Lot offers a dedicated senior discount every Monday. During this limited period, senior customers of 62 years or above can benefit from a discount of 20% off on food purchases. However, seniors with exclusive deal cards can receive a discount of up to 40% on their total bill. However, to avail of this offer, one needs to make a minimum purchase of $20 or more at Ocean State Job Lot. A few more points to keep in mind:

  1. Multiple discounts or offers cannot be clubbed together.
  2. Seniors can receive a discount of 20% on every item, barring OSJL gift cards, third-party gift cards, wine, propane tanks and refills, beer, kayaks, dehumidifiers, live plants, and flowers.
  3. You can bag in added discounts and savings by availing of Insider Exclusive Deals, Crazy Deals, Job Lot Coupons, as well as advertised sale items.
  4. All seniors intending to avail of the Ocean State Job Lot senior discount 2022 need to showcase their ID proof for verification.
  5. Once you provide your verification documents, ask the cashier to apply a senior discount on your purchase bill. However, you need to remember it is only applicable on Mondays.


Ocean State Job Lot Senior Discount FAQs
  1. Does Ocean State Job Lot Give Military Discount?

Many might like to know whether Ocean State Job Lot provides a military discount. For them, yes, OSJL offers dedicated Military Deal Days. Last year, it was celebrated from November 4 through November 10 for all active-duty US citizens in Military service people. This includes all Reserve military service members, National Guard, as well as their direct family members and dependents. This deal makes all these customers eligible to receive a Crazy Deal Gift Card, which offers an exclusive 40% discount on their purchase bill only in case they have spent $20 or more at Ocean State Job Lot. However, to avail these Military Deal Days benefits you need to show valid ID proof like:

VFW ID Card/ Blue Star Mother’s ID/ VA Hospital ID/ DOD Active/Retired Military ID/ VA ID Card/ USAA Membership Card/ American Legion ID Card/ DD-214/Military Discharge Papers/ CAC ID Card/ Gold Star Family Members (DD Form 1300)/ DOD Active/Retired Military Dependent/Family ID /State-issued License with Military or Veteran Designation.

  1. Does Ocean State Job Lot Have a Veterans Discount?

Yes, Ocean State Job Lot provides Veteran Deal Day offer along with Military Deal Day. All military veterans serving in the US are eligible to avail of that Crazy Deal Gift Card equal to a 40% discount on their entire purchase. However, once again, your total purchase must be above $20.

  1. What Is Ocean State Job Lot Senior Discount Week?

Yes, Ocean State Job Lot celebrates the annual Senior Salute Discount week, which is mostly celebrated through June. In 2019, it was celebrated through June 5 for a week when seniors aging 62 years or above were offered a 25% discount on all their in-store purchases.

  1. Where Else Can I Find Senior Discount?

In the US, senior citizen discount deals are celebrated by many departmental stores, shops, restaurants, grocery chains, etc. This gesture is not only dedicated to supporting seniors financially but also a warm gesture to show care and respect. Popular brands offer senior discounts on exclusive days, or weeks of a year, etc. Publix senior discount for example offers a 5% discount for all 60+ customers purchasing in-store every Wednesday. Even in your favorite eateries like Texas Roadhouse, there is a special senior discount menu for 55+ customers with Texas Roadhouse senior discount effective on the menu. Michaels, another shopping hub, offers a 10% Michaels senior discount for all in-store as well as online purchases.

So, if you did not know that you are already eligible to fetch Ocean State Job Lot senior discount, this is your chance to save more with OSJL. The next time you go shopping at OSJL ask for a senior discount and do not forget to carry your age proof.


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