When Is Publix Senior Discount Day?

When Is Publix Senior Discount Day? - Choice Senior Life

Publix is one of the leading supermarket chains in the US. Publix is not only the most active and widely spread chain of supermarkets in over 1,288 throughout the southeast US. Publix Super Markets is popularly known to be the largest employee-owned US-based supermarket chain. George W. Jenkins founded Publix back in 1930 and over the years it has expanded in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia. The state of Florida has over 853 Publix stores, counting for almost 65% of the total number of outlets in the US. Along with active expansion efforts, chairman Ed Crenshaw ensures optimum customer-oriented services. Publix currently has its processing units and distributorship of bakery, dairy, and deli products for all its stores. Having discussed this, “Does Publix have a senior discount?” and “What is Publix senior discount age?” Well, Publix does offer discounts and deals for customers from time to time, like Publix senior discount 2022 dedicated to seniors aging above 60 years.

When Is Publix Senior Discount Day?

When Is Publix Senior Discount Day

Not only is Publix the largest employee-owned company in the US, but it has huge market popularity as well owing to its quality products and the amazing line of deals and discounts.  The company has crafted a  Publix senior citizen discount, especially for all elderly customers. 

If you are a senior shopper at Publix, knowing when is Publix senior discount day can help you to fetch great benefits. This is because any individual Publix customer who is 60 years or older is eligible for a senior discount. Publix has designed every Wednesday as senior shopper’s day for all 60+ customers who can get a crisp 5% discount every Wednesday at select locations throughout Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. 

However, at some locations, Publix outlets follow both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, early morning hours from 7 to 8 AM, as senior shopping hours.

How Do You Claim a Senior Discount At Publix?

Simply visit the Publix stores participating in a senior discount to avail of discount offers!

To avail of your senior discount at Publix, you need to visit the Publix stores offering discounts. Publix being an iconic and leading retail company in the US takes dire initiative in supporting the economy of the state as well as extending helpful services to the local community. The Publix senior discount is crafted especially for Wednesdays, and it is available at selected locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

If you are 60+, check out for available offers and deals for senior customers at the Publix outlet you visit. You can also ask for any special deals for seniors on other days apart from Wednesday as well. Moreover, if you are an Eligibility Club Publix member, you get added and exclusive access to rewards and special benefits.


Publix Senior Discount FAQs
  1. When Is Publix Senior Discount Day In Florida?

The headquarters of Publix is in Lakeland, Florida. Therefore, Florida people can enjoy shopping with Publix for a long time, and now senior citizens can also celebrate. This is because Wednesdays at Publix are going to be happier for seniors, with Publix senior discount Florida offering an exclusive 5% discount for all customers aged 60 years and above.

  1. When Is Publix Senior Discount Day In North Carolina?

Even for North Carolina, Publix company has settled for Wednesday of every week to offer senior citizens a 5% discount. However, make sure you check out with the store representatives or at the help desk to ensure if the outlet is offering a discount. This is because senior citizen special discount is available only at a few selected locations in North Carolina. Though Publix offer discount for seniors above 60 years of age, carry your age proof along and ask Publix for senior discount age at the store as well.

  1. When Is Publix Senior Discount Day in Alabama?

Publix maintains its senior citizen discount procedure similarly in all locations where this discount is offered. Therein even for Alabama, Wednesday of every week, which counts to four days in a month, a 5 percent discount is offered to all senior customers at Publix. However, in Alabama as well, only selected stores of Publix participate in this discount program. 

  1. When Is Publix Senior Discount Day In Tennessee?

In some locations, senior discounts at Publix may vary from 5% to 10%. So, if you are in Tennessee, check out the locations where you can avail of their discount and accordingly visit to enjoy the benefits.

Senior Discount Deals at Other Companies

Eligible participants of ages 62 years and above can avail 20% Ocean State Job Lot senior discount on their food purchase at all Ocean State Job Lot stores. However, to fetch the benefits-eligible customer needs to show valid age proof. Besides, this deal does not apply for Ship to Store purchases. Other grocery stores like Fred Meyer have designed the first Tuesday of every month, dedicated to senior customers of 55+. As per Fred Meyer’s senior discount policy, seniors can avail of 10% off on select items. Famous US restaurant chain IHOP too offers exclusive 10% off for all senior customers. So with IHOP senior discount, you can enjoy your favorite meal, any day at 10% off.

Offering deals, promotional discounts, special day discounts, senior citizen menus, etc. are exclusive promotional initiatives from companies. Besides, throughout the US many companies, restaurants to retail stores follow senior citizen days or craft out special discounts for senior citizen customers. Publix being a leading grocery chain in the US is also not out of this mainstream trend. You can plan your shopping as per discount days, that is every Wednesday to avail yourself of a lucrative 5% off. Moreover, this 5% could save you hundreds of dollars by the end of a year. So, if you have not asked for a discount earlier than this, do not forget to ask your Publix store in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, or South Carolina, what day is a senior discount at Publix and if they are participating.

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