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Is There A Senior Discount At Michaels - Choice Senior Life

If you are a fan of DIY techniques and methods, then Michael’s store is your destination. If you are a senior, you might ask, “Does Michaels have senior discount?” Fortunately, yes! There is a senior discount at Michaels that allows you to continue with your passion.

Then you must surely visit one of the Michaels chain of stores spread all over the United States as well as neighboring Canada.

Established in 1973 and headquartered in Irving, Texas, the company has a whopping 1,252 stores all across the country. So, it does not matter where in America you live. However, if you are a senior citizen, and you cannot afford to spend so much on decorative and art and craft items, you would certainly want to know “is there a senior discount at Michaels?” Hey there, relax, you shouldn’t worry because they do offer a senior discount.

Michaels is famously known for its huge collection of arts and crafts products that includes beading, scrapbooking, home decor items, rubber-stamping, kids stuff; craft items, floral items, frames, paints, seasonal goods, baking, and greenery items. You can also make custom frames from their concern, Aaron Brothers Custom Framing is a store-within-a-store that functions online as well. So, if you have that passion and desire for beauty and art as a senior, then there is no stopping because of Michaels’s senior discount.

What’s Michaels Senior Discount Policy?

Michaels Senior Discount Policy

Michaels gives its senior customers a discount of 10% on their purchases. Apart from this, the senior discount Michaels says you can enjoy an additional 10% on your entire purchase along with goods that are on sale. Their policy of giving discounts to customers is to show that they care for the people who have done their share of contributing to society.

Michaels senior discount age is 55 years, you must be able to prove it with age proof documents along with a photo identity. But again, you must take good note of this that the discount is valid for a certain period, so make the most of what you get and as soon as you get it. And you should also confirm the discount with the store customer care executive or the online instructions and portals that give information on related issues.

But shopping with Michaels is better done offline as they do not give free shipping like IHOP which also gives an IHOP Senior Citizen Discount. But this is the biggest issue faced by seniors when they have to go out to do their shopping because sometimes it does not become possible for them to do, so an online shopping facility with free shipping would benefit them more. However, there are times when some stores give free shipping if you fulfill their minimum value shopping amount. So, it would do you good to get in touch with their executives to confirm if the same is valid at Michaels store near you.

So better to stay informed before you do your shopping. Since they do not have free shipping, Michaels senior discount online would prove to be a bit on the costly side for them. Sometimes the discount varies from location to location. They also give a 10% discount with AARP cards.

But here is some bit of good news for the seniors shopping at Michaels. Although they do not give free shipping, they give other benefits that can compensate for it. They give railway and bus discounts, free access to TV and movies and if you go through the internet and search their sites and homepage then you are in for pleasant surprises as they give a lot of discounts that come up there.

By subscribing to their newsletter and emails, you get to stay updated on all the discounts and deals that they give from time to time. And it is more comforting to know that Michaels senior discount day is every day and the limit is one discount per day provided they have stocks in hand. But this is in variation with Fred and Meyer, where the Fred Meyer Senior Discount Days in 2022 are the first Tuesday of every month. Talking about Christopher and Banks senior discount, 55+ seniors can get 10% discount.

How Do You Claim A Senior Discount At Michaels?

To claim a discount with Michaels you first need to create a Michaels Rewards account. Account creation is easy.

Next, provide the documents asked for, like ID cards and other information for verification. For Senior verification, you would need a government-issued document such as a  state-issued ID, driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate that has your full name and date of birth.

Once the process of verification is over, you are eligible to enjoy the benefits of a senior discount and other regular discounts. To get your 10% off online and in-store, you need to sign in to your Michaels Rewards account or give your Michaels Rewards phone number at checkout, and you would be able to buy all the eligible items at a discounted price.

For in-store discounts, you need to show your ID to the salesperson. If you have a Michaels Rewards account, your status will be updated soon.

If you have not created a Michaels Rewards account, you can simply show your valid ID and get a valid discount while purchasing.

Now that you know how to get Michaels senior discount online and Michaels senior discount age i.e. 55+, why not grab it. Apart from senior discounts, Michaels also provides teachers and military discounts.


Michaels Senior Discount FAQs
  1. How Do You Get the Teacher Discount At Michaels?

Teachers are given a discount of 15% on their purchases after providing their teacher ID, which will be verified by the Michaels Rewards account.

  1. Does Michaels Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, Michaels military discount is 15%.

  1. Does Michaels Give Veteran Discounts?

Yes, there is a 15% discount for the veterans at Michaels. 

  1. Does Michaels Have Student Discounts?

No, Michaels does not offer any students discounts.

  1. Can I Get Employee Discounts On Michaels?

The store does not give an employee discount.

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