How To Get Amazon Prime Senior Discount in 2022

How to get Amazon prime senior discount

Amazon Prime is the subscription service for upgrading your free Amazon Web Services account. It unlocks a whole host of premium features including, but not limited to, same-day delivery for certain products, free streaming of movies, TV and music, and grocery shopping online. All that for just $14.99 per month. But is there a senior discount for Amazon Prime? The short answer is yes, but with certain conditions.

The Prime wing of Amazon came into effect in 2005, nearly 11 years after the launch of the e-services website. Initially, only US residents were eligible for the upgrade, which included a free two-day shipping and discounted same-day shipping for only $79 per year. They eventually extended this premium service into other countries, starting with the UK, Germany, and Japan. Today, it is available in several countries around the globe, and various other features have been added to the membership.

Plus, there is an attractive Amazon Prime senior discount for people who qualify for the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Medicaid. Students can benefit from a heavily discounted price. Additionally, the annual subscription is far more affordable than the monthly one, and only Prime Video for streaming TV series and movies is offered at a bargain. Answers to other questions like – what is the senior discount at Papa Murphys – are also provided in other sections.

How do I Get Senior Discount on Amazon Prime if I am on Medicare?

Medicare seniors cannot get an Amazon Prime discount but, as mentioned before, Medicaid subscribers are eligible. Both are federal programs. Medicare is health coverage for people aged 65+ or with some form of a disability, whereas Medicaid provides coverage to low income folks. And Amazon Prime offers a discount on the membership only for low income people who have applied for Medicaid. So, unfortunately, you will need to pay the regular price of $14.99 per month or $139 annually if you only have Medicare.

Medicaid folks can visit the Amazon Prime senior discount site to avail of the discounted subscription of over half the original rate. You can become a Prime member for just $6.99 per month. This heavily discounted rate is also applicable for EBT subscribers. The flat annual rate for EBT and Medicaid members remains the same ($139), but you may contact Amazon’s customer care to haggle for a discount on that as well.

What is the Medicaid Discount Age?

There isn’t a set Medicaid discount age per se for Amazon Prime. You can be a retired 60-year-old senior or a 30-year-old corporate employee. You will receive the $6.99 flat rate for monthly Prime subscription if you have applied for Medicaid. There isn’t an age limit for EBT benefits, either. It follows that there won’t be an Amazon Prime senior discount age limit as well, as long as you have either EBT or Medicaid.

How much is Amazon Prime for AARP Members?

Amazon does offer Prime benefits for AARP members, but it is not how you think it is. There isn’t a flat discounted rate for AARP folks who have applied for Prime. They will need to pay the regular price of $14.99 monthly or $139 annually. But there is good news for people who love to read! You will receive an appealing flat rate of $3.99 or less on certain Kindle deals if you have an AARP membership. So read to your heart’s content without spending much!

AARP members will receive an exclusive Kindle code which can be applied during checkout. Select any of the books that are shown in the list here, add those to your cart, and click the “proceed to checkout” button. The code will be automatically applied to your account if you have clubbed your AARP membership with Amazon. Thus, you will directly be paying the discounted rate for your books. Since AARP members are usually 55+, the offer falls under the senior discount Amazon Prime category.

Amazon senior discount FAQs


  1. Does Amazon Prime have a Military Discount?

There isn’t one, unfortunately. However, here’s how active military personnel can save on their Amazon Prime membership. If you are stationed anywhere outside the US, chances are that the regular Prime subscription at the place is lower than that in the US. For instance, the monthly Prime rate in America is $14.99. But that flat annual rate in India is quite cheaper, for example. Huge savings!

However, you must be present in India to avail of this heavily discounted rate. VPN access won’t work since Amazon’s security protocols are of the highest order. Thus, it isn’t exactly an Amazon Prime senior citizen discount, or even a military veteran one at that, unless you are traveling to another country for a long period of time. Plan your overseas vacations wisely to get the best deals on your Prime subscriptions.

  1. Is Amazon Prime Free for Students?

No, Amazon Prime is not available free for anyone, much fewer for students. But the exclusive student membership is equally appealing. A flat half-rate is offered to US students on their Prime subscription. Thus, instead of paying $14.99 monthly, you can unlock their spectacular Prime benefits for just $7.49. There is also a yearly discounted student price of $69.

Additionally, students can avail of the EBT and Medicaid rates of $6.99 if they are eligible. It doesn’t exactly fall under the Amazon Prime senior discount 2022 category, but since there is no age limit for EBT and Medicaid, students of all ages who have applied for either can get the discount, which is not too different from the Home Depot senior discount policy.

Plus, if you are a student who is planning to enroll in the US military, then you can look forward to an overseas assignment where you will get a much better Prime membership rate. Apart from discounts, there is also a free trial available for students and seniors. After registering on Amazon for the first time, you won’t be charged a dime for the initial 30 days. You can cancel your subscription any time during the free trial period.

  1. What is the Cost of Amazon Prime for 2022?

The Amazon Prime rates increase with the rise in the US economy. It was a meager $79 per year in 2005, but today, it is $139 annually. If you tend to purchase what you need from Amazon often, and like to listen to music or watch movies and TV shows, then the $139 membership will give you great savings on many transactions. However, if you rarely shop on Amazon, then consider subscribing for the $14.99 monthly plan.

With the addition of the Amazon Prime senior discount, the cost becomes lower, and the price may even drop to more than half the original. After subscribing to the Prime service, it is ensured that you will receive Amazon’s entire range of benefits. But getting a discount on the service that unlocks the benefits is an added grand bonus. 

If you only wish to unlock the Prime Video for watching movies and TV shows, you can do so by making a monthly payment of just $8.99. No wonder the company’s senior discount is so sought after, just like the senior discount AT&T!

  1. Is Amazon Prime Membership a One-Time Fee?

Sadly, no. It would have been absolutely fabulous if we had needed to make only one lump sum payment for a lifetime subscription of Amazon Prime. However, in reality, you need to make regular payments to the portal to continue your subscription. The frequency of payments depends on the plan you have chosen. Monthly plan calls for 30-day payments, and for the annual plan, the said amount will be deducted from your account on a yearly basis.

About Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is basically an upgrade of your free AWS account. The plan was first launched in 2005, and it has become a huge success since then. The nearly $20 billion revenue says as much. The platform is available internationally, and it can only be accessed via the internet. Alternatively, you can download videos and music whenever you are online on Prime Video and Amazon Music to watch or listen to those in offline mode.

The founder of the company, Jeff Bezos, is among the richest individuals in the world. He still runs Amazon as its executive chairman. Apart from providing e-commerce services and digital streaming platforms, Amazon also deals in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. You may have heard about Alexa, its state-of-the-art AI tech. It is a virtual assistant that runs on AI algorithms to understand, interpret, and deliver the desired the result.

While you probably won’t get the latest Alexa device at a discount anytime soon, you can easily avail of the senior discount for Amazon Prime subscription. You only need to have either Medicaid or EBT to become a Prime member for just $6.99 per month!

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