How Much Is Senior Discount On Xfinity/Comcast Internet

How much is senior discoun on XfinityComcast internet

Xfinity is a brand operating under Comcast Cable Communications. And who doesn’t know about Comcast! It is one of the largest telecommunications organizations in the world. Xfinity handles its cable TV, telephone, wireless, and internet services. But is there a Comcast senior discount present? That’s like asking, does Home Depot give a senior citizen discount? Unfortunately, the answer to both these questions is “no”. But here’s something that will cheer you up – Xfinity offers senior-friendly prices, a few of which are perfect for low income retirees.

Xfinity is primarily known for its high speed internet services. However, it has a healthy presence in the cable TV niche as well. Its home security services and independent mobile networks aren’t too far behind either. The brand manages its operations from Philadelphia, PA, the same as that of its parent company, Comcast. And did you know that nearly half the total revenue of Comcast is generated by Xfinity (around $50 billion)? So why isn’t there a Xfinity Internet senior discount? Before answering the question, let us try to understand the difference between Xfinity and Comcast.

What is the Difference between Comcast and Xfinity?

The only difference between Comcast and Xfinity is that the former is the parent company of the latter. Comcast started its internet division in 1996, but initially, it wasn’t marketed under a different brand name. It provided its services as Comcast itself. Xfinity came into being around 14 years later, when Comcast’s triple play services, Comcast Digital Voice, Comcast Digital Cable and Comcast High Speed Internet were rebranded into Xfinity TV, Xfinity Voice, and Xfinity Internet respectively.

The renaming suffered severe setbacks in the initial stages, as it was slammed by consumers and trade critics alike. But Xfinity’s marketing strategy gathered pace as time went on. Today, Xfinity is popular in its own right. Comcast has an estimated 34 million subscribers, many of whom are there because of Xfinity. Now you may start to wonder – what are the subscription packages of Xfinity? Does it provide a discount for senior citizens? If there is some probability, then how much is senior discount on Xfinity Internet? All your questions will be answered in the next section.

Is there an Xfinity/Comcast Senior Discount?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a definite “no”. Xfinity doesn’t offer any discounts for senior citizens at the moment. The good news is that the regular subscriptions themselves offer some really affordable, senior-friendly prices, quite similar to the cheap yet quality McDonald’s senior discount menu. One of the best Comcast deals for seniors is the Xfinity Internet Essentials package. It is the lowest priced one on the list, with a myriad of attractive benefits.

Xfinity Internet Essentials offers up to 25 Mbps download speeds and a 3 GB data limit per month. It may not seem like much, but if you consider the monthly rental of only $9.95 which also includes the installation charges and equipment rental fees, it transforms into one heck of a deal! And let’s face it, seniors use the internet mainly to connect with their loved ones on social media. You can even stream a few movies with this package. So a 25 Mbps speed and 3 GB data is more than enough for the purpose.

If you tend to stream or download movies, music, and videos every day, then here’s another senior discount Xfinity subscription for you. The $24.99 per month plan gives you the same speed of 25 Mbps, but the download limit is much higher (1.2 TB). That is more than 30 times that of Xfinity Internet Essentials. Thus, you can stream and download as many videos and music files as you want.

How much is a Senior Discount on Xfinity/Comcast Internet?

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a specialized senior discount provided by Xfinity or its parent company, Comcast. However, you can avail of its exceptionally affordable prices on all its plans. We recommend the Xfinity Internet Essentials plan, which costs less than half the price of the standard plan. If you tend to use the internet mostly on your mobile phone, then there is no point in getting a higher priced plan. The Xfinity mobile senior discount on Essentials will be the perfect one for you.

What is the Xfinity/Comcast Discount Age?

Since there are no senior offers present, the Comcast senior discount age isn’t applicable. People of any age group can subscribe to the senior-friendly Xfinity Internet Essentials plan. For other discounts, the age group will be specified in the advertisement itself. For instance, the student offer of $100 Visa prepaid card with fast internet is applicable for students of all age groups. If you are a senior with a valid student ID, then you can easily avail of the offer.

Xfinity/Comcast Internet senior discount FAQs


  1. Does Comcast have Deals for Existing Customers?

Most of the deals offered by Comcast are aimed to attract new customers. But the company doesn’t forget to reward its loyal, existing customers from time to time. They haven’t started a Comcast senior discount application yet, but some or the other deal is always running at the company. You probably won’t receive a direct discount or cashback, but you can often opt to upgrade your service at the ongoing discounted price.

Check out the official website of Xfinity to go through all the deals that are offered. You may even consider contacting their customer service department to know whether you can apply for any ongoing deal like you can with the Tractor Supply senior discount in USA. Generally, you won’t need to initiate such a conversation yourself. Comcast will notify you directly via email or phone call if you are eligible for any ongoing deal.

  1. What is the Cheapest Comcast Package?

Comcast offers some best priced, Xfinity senior citizen discount friendly internet subscriptions in the US. The cheapest Comcast package has to be the Xfinity Internet Essentials. At just $9.95 per month, you get high speeds of 25 Mbps with a 3 GB data limit. You can upgrade to the Xfinity Performance Select plan to experience higher speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which will cost you no more than $34.99 per month.

  1. Does Comcast give AARP Discounts?

AARP members are mostly all senior citizens, so the answer to this question is also negative. But you can of course enjoy their cheap Essentials package, which is perfect not only for low income people but also for AARP members who are looking to save on their monthly internet expenses. On the other hand, if you are looking to go all out, then you may want to consider Xfinity’s X1 Saver Pro + Double Play. It gives you 200 Mbps speeds with a 1.2 TB download/streaming limit. Plus, you get 140 TV channels free of cost too, all for $79.99 per month!

  1. What is the Xfinity/Comcast Senior Discount Application?

Again, since there is no senior discount available here, you will have to directly apply for one of their many subscription plans. Just visit the official Xfinity website, click the “sign-in” button in the top right corner of the homepage, type in your email ID or phone number in the given text box, and choose from the numerous internet plans available on your dashboard. Currently, the best deal, better than any possible Xfinity senior discount, is their brightly featured one of $29.99. With it, you will get 300 Mbps speeds for two whole years.

To conclude, Xfinity/Comcast may not offer any senior discounts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your money’s worth. In this day and age when most internet providers are looking to jack up their prices due to the ever-increasing demand, Xfinity is trying its best to focus on giving quality internet services to its customers, new and existing, at reasonable rates. Their Essentials plan and the 300 Mbps for $29.99 plan support the claim.

Additionally, apart from saving on Xfinity’s attractive deals, you can also save your installation costs. The company usually provides a self-installation kit with many of its plans. But if you prefer to get your system installed by experts, then the nominal charges will generally be included in the subscription price itself. Once installed, their modem device will last for years on end, thus proving to be a fruitful investment on your part.

So does Xfinity have senior discount? No. Does it offer senior-friendly prices? Definitely! Senior citizens have access to most of their deals, right from the cheapest yet quality one to the heftiest and finest subscription. The only drawback is that the prices may increase after a year or two. Xfinity will inform you about the price rise via email and phone call, but it is better to be prepared early on. Read the policies of the internet deal that you are subscribing for carefully before making the payment.

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