Marriott Senior Discount Guide for 2022

Marriott Senior Discount Guide

Marriott International, Inc. is a multinational company based in Bethesda, MD, that specializes in hotel and residential franchises. It is the biggest hotel chain in the world when you consider the number of rooms offered. Their J.W. Marriott chain is a luxury group of hotels where the amenities available are far more advanced. It may get you wondering, is there a senior discount at Marriott hotels? We are happy to tell you that there is, and it is not too different from the Tractor Supply Company senior discount

The brand, Marriott, was established by its namesake, John Willard Marriott along with his wife, Alice, way back in 1927. It was a simple root beer stand back then, which later expanded into a restaurant chain called Hot Shoppes. Their primary business didn’t begin until the first hotel was launched in 1957, nearly 30 years later. Today, Marriott hotels can be found in more than 8400 locations around the globe, and their revenue exceeds a staggering $13.8 billion.

Marriott Senior Discount Rules & Policy

Senior citizens can get amazing discounts at Marriott hotels while booking a room. It doesn’t matter if you are vacationing for a few days or staying for a longer period of time. The discount on the daily rate will remain the same throughout your stay. Currently, the Marriott senior discount stands at 15%, but it is subject to change. It usually flutters between 10% to 20%. And there are certain rules and policies to be eligible for the discount, just like the AT&T senior discount plan.

  1. You need to be at least 62 years of age to qualify for the senior discount.
  2. You need to carry some form of age proof, like your passport or driver’s license, while checking in. The front desk executive will ask for the same, without which you will be denied entry.
  3. You can book no more than two rooms per night at a discounted price.
  4. At least one person needs to be 62 years or older to be applicable for the discount. Other people staying with the senior can be of any age.
  5. Senior discount rates are available only for certain selected rooms. If those rooms have already been booked, then you will have to pay the regular price for the other rooms.

What is Marriott Senior Discount Age?

The minimum age that a senior should be at to avail of the discount is 62. Marriott is very strict about this number. Even if you have a few days until your 62nd birthday, you will be denied a discount at most of their locations. Other companies usually have a lower age cap. For instance, what age is McDonald’s senior discount? Generally, people above 50 are offered a senior discount there.

However, the good news for Marriott stays is that not every person staying with you needs to be 62 or older. Your age proof is enough to get the 15% off, and what’s more! You can book two rooms at a discounted rate!

Any Alternative Ways to Save with Marriott?

There are many other ways to save on your room bookings if you do not qualify for the Marriott senior discount age. Their resort hotels are currently running a 20% discount for every booking. If you use your credit card while making the payment, then you accumulate numerous points on the card, which can be used to avail of the other offers on your credit card.

Additionally, a lot of other websites and memberships offer Marriott coupons, which usually include a wide variety of discounts. Check out the Zoutons website for ongoing offers and free discount codes. Alternatively, book your stay through a travel app or website to get some really cool deals. Sometimes, the hotel itself will offer you a flat price on your booking if you are traveling far away from home.

Marriott senior discount FAQs


  1. Does Marriott have an AARP Discount?

AARP members above the age of 62 can enjoy the senior discount at Marriott of 15% off. However, there is no special AARP discount available on bookings at the moment. Hence, if you are an AARP member below 62, then you need to look out for other offers that may be available during your booking. In short, AARP doesn’t have an exclusive tie-up with Marriott International.

  1. Should I Travel with a Senior to Get the Discount?

Yes, you can, and you should travel with a senior to grab the 15% senior discount on the regular rate at Marriott. Any person in the company of a senior will also get the 15% discounted rate upon booking an additional room. The Marriott senior discount offers no more than two rooms for the discounted rate, but if you have two seniors with you, then you can book four rooms as well at 15% off!

However, please note that the discounted rooms are subject to availability. Furthermore, the Marriott senior discount age is higher than that of most other organizations. So be sure that the senior traveling with you is more than 62 to avail of the 15% discount. Additionally, your discounted booking may be canceled if you don’t offer any age proof during check-in. Then it doesn’t matter how old you or your traveling companion looks!

In essence, the only official discount running right now at Marriott is the senior discount. Other kinds of offers, if available, depend on the location, the booking portal, the room availability, etc. And the senior discount at Marriott hotels may not remain constant in the future. It was 15% at the moment of writing this article, but it may drop to 10% or rise to 20% depending on the ongoing promotions and seasonal offers.

However, considering that Marriott hotels are top-of-the-line with a spectacular ambiance and perfectly efficient service, every dime that you save on the already reasonable room rate will be a massive benefit. And everyone needs to experience the Marriott service at least once in their life. As a senior, you get to experience it at a great discount!

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