Do Seniors Get a Discount at Denny’s?

Do seniors get a discount at Denny's

If you want to know, “Does Denny’s have a senior citizen discount?”: Well, you would be glad to know that they do have such a discount. However, let’s brief you about Denny’s a bit before we discuss it in detail.

Denny’s is one of the many famous chains of restaurants in America. It was established in 1953 by Richard Jezak and Harold Butler and was called Danny’s Donuts. Later, it evolved to its present-day name, Denny’s. The company was founded with a mission to build, nurture, and grow its culture, which is wildly diverse and exceptionally fair, and equal in its opportunities for everyone. The restaurant intends to promote, serve, and support everyone, which is its natural and inherent aspect.

Coming to the question about the senior discount at Denny’s. So, yes, a senior discount at Denny’s is there, and you surely can enjoy a scrumptious meal with a senior discount of 15% at this famous eatery on Thursdays on all day-breakfast items or Denny’s favorite food items.

Even if you are a regular customer of the restaurant, they offer many deals and discount coupons regularly. They offer AARP discounts as well in some locations.

Denny’s Senior Discount Rules

Now that you already know the answer to the question, “Does Denny’s have a senior discount?” that is invariable yes; it is important to know the rules. They offer senior discounts to all customers who are 55 years old and above. But again, some locations vary in their discounts, like the senior discount is not valid in Denny’s Niagara Falls location.

They do not have an across-the-board policy that governs all the restaurants. So, it is always better to call the customer care executive of the location nearest to you to know about their senior citizen discount rules.

Certain conditions apply to this:

  • This discount is applicable only on dine-in.
  • It is not applicable to kid’s menu or alcohol
  • You cannot combine this offer with others.
  • Also, this discount does not apply to Denny’s Niagara Falls location.

Denny’s senior discount is their way of showing gratitude towards senior customers by giving something extra to them. It is a very thoughtful and welcoming gesture by Denny’s for seniors with great taste buds that keep tickling them now and then to enjoy a meal at Denny’s. In case you don’t know, Denny’s senior discount age is 55 and above.

Now, are you eager to know what all is there in Denny’s senior citizen discount menu? Well, it includes bacon and eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, toast, sausages, fish, chicken, and waffles. After hearing the menu, you must be thinking that the senior discount at Denny’s is, after all, worth it.

Another key thing about the restaurant is that they offer a nice Denny’s senior discount menu that you can enjoy. So, if you are over 55, you can avail Denny’s senior discount on certain items. They serve the same food but in smaller portions at a discount, so it is a win-win for both.

Apart from the discount for 55+ seniors, Denny’s also offers 20% off Denny’s to its Denny’s Rewards member. You get a welcome offer of 20% off apart from access to the latest updates/news and more special offers.

 What Is Senior Discount Age at Denny’s?

The senior discount age at Denny’s is 55 and above. They have a 55+ menu that includes 12 items like 55+ Turkey Dinner, 55+ FISH & CHIPS, 55+ Scrambled Eggs & Cheddar Breakfast, and 55+ French Toast Slam®, 55+ Omelette, 55+ Starter, 55+ Grilled Chicken, and more.

The key idea behind pampering seniors with Denny’s senior discount coupon and Denny’s senior discount menu is that seniors have worked tirelessly throughout their lives, so they deserve to feel special.

There are more ways to enjoy savings at Denny’s. If you register on their official website, you will receive emails where they offer a discount of 20% on their subsequent order and a birthday gift every year.

Denny's senior discount FAQs


  1. What Kind of Discounts Does Denny’s Have?

Denny’s has discounts of 15% for senior citizens. Besides that, they also have Denny’s Rewards Membership offers AARP discounts, Military Discounts, and Denny’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Rewards.

  1. Does Denny’s Have a Veteran’s Discount? 

Denny’s does have a military discount of 10-20%, considering in which location you are. However, you must know that the discount validity varies from store to store. Hence, you must check with the location whether the veteran discount is available or not. As mentioned on, on Veterans Day, Denny’s offers a complimentary Build Your Own Grand Slam to all active, inactive, and military personnel.

  1. Does Denny’s Give Students Discounts?

Denny’s does not offer students discounts, but there are other ways that you can save with them like their Denny’s Rewards Membership. 

  1. What Is the Goodwill Senior Discount Day? 

The Goodwill Senior Discount day varies from store to store. They are not fixed across the nation.

  1. Does Marriott Give Senior Discounts to its Senior Residents?

Marriott senior discount is 15% for all its senior customers. 

  1. What Is the Senior Discount Day at Walgreens?

The Walgreens senior discount day is the first Tuesday of every month on specific items. It is beneficial for senior citizens to get a discount at this Health and Wellness store chain.


A healthy and delicious breakfast is what everyone needs for a great start; and if the breakfast is at Denny’s, nothing can be better. However, it becomes problematic to eat out often when you are a senior and running low on cash. In this scenario, it would be great to get a senior discount.

If you are a senior, no need to hesitate to ask for a senior discount. So, the next time you are at Denny’s, simply select something from their 55+ menu and enjoy savings!

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