Is There a Senior Discount at Bojangles? (Ways to Save, Alternatives, + More)

Is There a Senior Discount at Bojangles?

If you’re a fan of Bojangles’ famous chicken meals, you might be wondering if the restaurant offers senior discounts. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore if Bojangles offers any senior discounts, alternative ways to save, and more. So keep reading to find out how you can enjoy delicious food from Bojangles while keeping your wallet happy!

Is There a Bojangles Senior Discount?

Bojangles does not have a senior discount policy. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a delicious meal there without overspending. There are other ways to save money on your favorite chicken meals, which we’ll cover in the next section.

How to Save at Bojangles Without a Senior Discount?

Even without a senior discount, there are several ways to save money while enjoying your favorite chicken meals at Bojangles. Here are a few tips to help you save:

Sign up for Bojangles E-Club

Bojangles E-Club is a free loyalty program that rewards customers for their loyalty by providing them with exclusive deals and promotions.

When you sign up for the E-Club, you’ll receive a welcome coupon for a free Bojangles gallon of Legendary Iced Tea, and you’ll also receive regular emails with exclusive deals and promotions.

As an E-Club member, you’ll be the first to know about new menu items, limited-time offers, and special events. You’ll also receive birthday and anniversary rewards, as well as exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year. 

Check Bojangles’ Website for Current Promotions

Bojangles regularly runs promotions and discounts on its website. These include limited-time offers, seasonal deals, and combo meal deals. Plus, Bojangles also offers coupons on its App that you can use to save money on meals.

Download Bojangles’ App

Download Bojangles' App

The Bojangles App, is available for both iOS and Android devices and is an excellent way to access exclusive deals and promotions. With the app, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and promotions that are only available to app users.

Visit Bojangles During Off-Peak Hours

Bojangles is known to have peak hours during breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. Try visiting during off-peak hours, when the restaurant is less busy, to avoid long lines and potentially save money on meals.

Look out for Local Deals 

While Bojangles does not have a company-wide senior discount policy, some local franchises may offer discounts or promotions for seniors or other groups. So, be sure to check your local coupon books, newspaper, or community newsletters for any such deals. 

Plus, you can always ask. Since many restaurants offer discounts on a request basis, it would be a good idea to ask your server about available offers.

What Are Other Companies That Offer Senior Discounts?

While Bojango may not offer any senior discounts, plenty of other offers are still available. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a table featuring some of the top senior discounts from other companies. 

So, check it out below to see if any of your favorite companies offer senior discounts, and start saving today!

Applebee’s10-15% off60+
Arby’s10% off55+
Outback Steakhouse10% off50+
Safeway10% off55+

What Are Some Tips for Saving Money on Fast Food as a Senior?

As a senior, there are several tips you can use to save money on fast food:

  • Check for senior menus: Some fast-food chains have senior-specific menus with smaller portions and lower prices. These menus are usually available to those aged 55 or older. You can ask about senior menus at the counter or check the restaurant’s website to see if they offer them.
  • Use coupons or promo codes: Many fast-food chains offer coupons or promo codes for discounts on meals. You can often find these online, in-store, or through the restaurant’s app.
  • Ask directly for discounts: Even if a fast-food chain doesn’t advertise a senior discount or menu, it’s still worth asking if they offer any discounts for seniors. Many restaurants are happy to offer discounts to seniors as a way of showing appreciation for their business.
  • Share meals with a friend: Fast food portions can be quite large, so consider sharing a meal with a friend or family member. This not only helps you save money, but it can also reduce food waste.

By using these tips, you can enjoy fast food while still keeping your budget in check.

Bottom Line

While Bojangles may not offer a senior discount, there are still several ways for seniors to save money on fast food. With a little bit of planning and research, you can still enjoy affordable and delicious meals from your favorite fast-food chain!

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