What Is The Senior Discount At Arby’s?

What is the senior discount at Arby's

If you are a senior citizen and relish those fresh, juicy, and tender slow-roasted beef or premium Angus beef sandwiches at Arby’s then you must be curious to know about Arby’s senior discount. Read head to know all the details.  

Arby’s has been serving its patrons since 1964. It is America’s one of the most popular fast-food sandwich restaurant chains.  The founders of Arby’s, Leroy and Forrest Raffel, wanted to offer quick yet something different and took up the challenge to serve a variety of sandwiches as fast as a burger. The first outlet of Arby’s was opened in Boardman, Ohio, and has expanded to more than 3,500 restaurants in 9 countries.

In 2014 Arby’s completed the golden 50 years of its journey. Currently, it is counted as the third-largest US-based food chain in terms of revenue. In October 2017, the company also bagged an acknowledgment of being “America’s second-largest sandwich chain” from Food & Wine.

Even though this food chain is popular as Arby’s, it is indeed the flagship property of Inspire Brands. The company has been renamed Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. In 1986 the Arby’s Foundation was based to serve back to the community with a humble initiative. Arby’s donated almost $76 million over 30 years across the nation. Hunger relief for children is also a proactive mission of the foundation. Now that you are aware of the company history, you might wonder how it can benefit you and “does Arby’s offer a senior discount?”. 

Arby’s also comes with deals and special discounts to keep up with the growing competition. However, this is location-specific. Amongst the numerous deals and discounts for its customers to save, the senior discount at Arby’s is also renowned. This is a great deal for senior customers who can enjoy great savings via this discount. However, some conditions apply to Arby’s senior discount. Here are the details of the discount policy below.

Arby's Senior discount policy

Arby’s Senior Discount Policy

With Arby’s senior citizen discount, senior citizens can save greatly on the scrumptious servings of sandwiches and other delicacies. However, it is important to note there is no company-wide policy to offer senior discounts at all locations of Arby’s. Therefore, you must check out the nearest Arby’s outlet to see whether they offer the senior discount.

Arby’s senior discount age terms require a person to be of the elderly age. It enables a senior to be eligible to avail of 10% off on his or her order at Arby’s. Apart from the senior discount, Arby’s offers many deals throughout the year like exclusive kids’ menu, special free drinks for adults, etc.

According to a study released in Investopedia, Northwestern Mutual conducted a financial survey in 2019, revealing that 22% of adults in the U.S. have retirement savings of less than $5,000 saved for retirement. In contrast, almost 15% hardly have any retirement savings. Under such circumstances, nothing can be better than availing of smart senior saving deals. Many Arby’s locations offer senior discounts of 10%, which can help you save great.

Besides, you can also save at Arby’s by signing up with Arby’s by going to its deal section, and you can get 50% off on any sandwich on your next order.

Now, as you know all the subtle details about the company’s senior discount policy, you know what to answer when somebody asks “does Arby’s give a senior discount?”. 

What is the senior discount age at Arby’s?

The senior discount age differs at every company. While some companies offer discounts to seniors above 60, others take the age limit to 65 years. In the case of Arby’s senior discount policy, if you are 55 years or above, you can ask for a senior discount at Arby’s, but on select locations only. However, with Arby’s, you can readily fetch the benefits of senior discounts.

All locations or outlets of Arby’s do not participate in Arby’s senior discount policy, as it is not a compulsory company-wide scheme. Therefore, before you plan to avail of the discount, it is important to verify whether the nearest Arby’s or the outlet you plan to visit offers a senior discount.

Arby`s sinior discount FAQ


Does Arby’s Offer a Free Drink?

Arby’s does offer such promotions regularly, so stay abreast with the latest offers

For example, when you order Arby’s Meal, you may get a shake or drink for $1.  However, do check at the outlet you are visiting whether it’s valid during your visit. 

Recently, they were offering a free milkshake, on buying a Diablo Dare sandwich costing $5.99.  Do check whether this Limited Period Offer is still running.

On joining Arby’s email list, you get free coupons from time to time. Do check the latest promotions.

What is Arby’s Senior Discount at Helena, Montana?

If you ask, “Does Arby’s have a senior citizen discount?”, we have already told you that it varies location-wise. However, at Helena, Montana, you can avail the exclusive 10% off against senior discount if your age is 55 years or above. Call up your nearest outlet to make sure whether they are also participating.

Does Arby’s Offer a Military Discount?

Even though Arby’s offered exciting military discounts for active military service people and even retired personnel in the past, it is currently not offering any military discounts. To make sure whether there are any special offers for active or retired military service persons, you can call up your nearest Arby’s.

What Are Some Similar Senior Discounts by Other Companies?

Spectrum senior discount is a plan for low-income seniors who are aged 65+ and who are under Supplemental Security Income. This plan is known as Spectrum Internet Assist, which offers 30 MBPS internet and Wi-Fi for $22.99 per month.

The New York Times subscription senior discount is applicable only for those who have New York Times subscription and access to unlimited articles at only $0.25 per week. FREE access to NYT apps is also provided.However, the Wall Street Journal subscription senior discount does not exist. Yet, they do offer AARP promotions, for example, a WSJ subscription offer that is worth $99.

You must not deny yourself good taste and food, and Arby’s offers unbeatable flavorful servings of beef roast sandwiches, fries, curly potato chips, drinks, etc. However, since everything is getting expensive these days, asking your nearest outlet about whether Arby’s has a senior citizen discount or not is perfectly alright. If the senior discount offer exists, it can help you save as much as 10% on your total food bill at Arby’s. So, don’t forget to get your senior discount code applied while checking out.

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