Is Bi-Mart Offering Senior Discounts: Find Out Here

Is Bi-Mart Offering Senior Discounts: Find Out Here

Bi-Mart is a retail store that offers products and services at discounted prices. However, the company has not released any information about whether they offer discounts to seniors. In this blog post, we will investigate whether Bi-Mart offers discounts to seniors and provide you with all the details!

What Is Bi-Mart Known For?

Bi-Mart is a chain of membership-based retail stores that operate in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The company was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. Bi-Mart offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, clothing, hardware, and sporting goods. The stores are known for their low prices, friendly service, and simple layout. Bi-Mart has a membership program that offers members access to exclusive discounts and promotions. The company has over 80 stores in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and employs thousands of people in the region.

Does Bi-Mart Offer Discounts for Senior Citizens?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question as Bi-Mart does not release any information about discounts for seniors on their website or in their stores. We reached out to Bi-Mart’s customer service team multiple times via email and phone but received no response.

We also searched the internet to see if any third-party websites offer any information about Bi-Mart’s senior discounts. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any reliable sources of information which suggest that the company does currently offer senior discounts.

Are There Other Options to Save Money?

Are There Other Options to Save Money with Bi-Mart

While Bi-Mart may not offer senior discounts, there are still other ways you can save money when shopping at their stores.

Sales and Clearance

Bi-Mart often has items on sale or clearance, so keep an eye out for discounts when you’re shopping. You can also sign up for the company’s email newsletter to receive notifications about upcoming sales and promotions.

Membership Program

The Bi-Mart membership program gives members access to special deals, discounts, and services. By signing up for the membership program, you can save money on a variety of products and services.

Lucky Number Tuesday

Bi-Mart’s Lucky Number Tuesday promotion is an exciting way to win big prizes! Every Tuesday, Every week, Bi-Mart randomly chooses one or more membership numbers to take part in the competition. If your number is on the list of winners, you are entitled to any of the fantastic $350,000 worth of prizes awaiting you! These vary from free products and services discounts – so why not join today?

Coupons and Promo

CodesBi-Mart also offers regular coupons and promo codes that can be used to save money on purchases. You can search for these deals online or sign up for the company’s email newsletter to receive notifications about upcoming promotions. Overall, it does not appear that Bi-Mart currently offers any special discounts for seniors.

Senior Discounts from Other Companies

Outback Steakhouse10% off50 or older
GEICOup to 25% off50 or older
Culver’s10% off 60 or older
Papa Murphy’s20-30% off (depending on the location)50 or older


Unfortunately, Bi-Mart does not appear to offer senior discounts at this time. However, there are still other ways you can save money when shopping with them, such as the membership program and Lucky Number Tuesdays promotions. Keep an eye out for sales and clearance items to ensure you’re getting the best deals.

We hope this article has been helpful in answering your question about Bi-Mart’s senior discounts. Thank you for reading!

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