Best Senior Discount Offers in Vermont

  1. City Market Onion River Co-Op, Burlington, VT. Throughout Burlington, City Market’s Onion River Co-Op is known as a top place to find high-quality groceries. It’s even better for seniors because, if you’re over 60, you qualify for a 5% discount.
  2. Choice Hotels, Multiple Locations. Booking a stay in Vermont? Choice Hotels like Quality Inn, Ascend, Comfort Inn, and other top brands are known for giving you simple yet reliable and relaxing lodgings. Seniors can save 10% on advance reservations, and this discount is available to anyone over 60 as well as any AARP member.
  3. FGB Theaters, Montpelier, VT. The next time it’s a rainy day and you’re looking for something fun to do, head to FGB Theaters in Montpelier. Along with a selection of great movies, this theater offers senior tickets that are discounted by $2 off the standard adult ticket price.
  4. Thrifty Car Rental, Multiple Locations. Thrifty is always a great choice for reliable cars, trucks, and vans, but it’s even better if you’re a senior citizen. If you’re over 50, you can join the Silver Thrifty Club to save 5% off your time and mileage charges.

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