Best Senior Discount Offers in Utah

  1. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass Senior Discount. Utah is known for its abundance of famous national parks. And as a senior citizen, you can access them at a considerable discount. For U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 and over, a Lifetime Senior Pass to all national parks in the United States is $80. An Annual Senior Pass is only $20. These passes cover entrance to the park and standard amenity fees. This is a phenomenal deal, considering that for adults under the age of 62, an annual pass is $80.
  2. Utah Cultural Celebration Center, West Valley City, UT. The Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City (located just west of Salt Lake City) is a popular destination for diverse cultural events. The Center holds a summer and winter concert series, and its gallery regularly features both well-known and local exhibits. The center’s senior discount is pretty unbeatable. And a life enriched by culture and community? Priceless.
  3. Brighton Resort, Brighton, UT. Avid skiers know that skiing isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. Buying skis, bindings, boots, a season pass, and other apparel can really drain the bank account. For older skiers in Utah, however financial prospects are a bit brighter. At Brighton Resort, for example, a Base Pass is $629, compared to the normal Bade Pass price of $899.
  4. Arctic Circle, Multiple locations. Arctic Circle isn’t a very well-known restaurant outside of the western United States, but we’re glad, because that means we can keep their delicious milkshakes a secret from outsiders. Adults aged 55 and older can benefit from a 15 percent discount.

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