New York Times Subscription Senior Discount In 2024 Guide

New York Times subscription senior discount

Who hasn’t heard about The New York Times! It is one of the finest newspapers in the world and is considered a “newspaper of record” in the journalism and printing industry. But is there a New York Times subscription senior discount 2022? There isn’t a specialized senior discount per se, but a senior citizen can avail of all the benefits as that a regular subscriber. And indeed, the subscription cost for the newspaper is already so low that NYT might just provide free access if they discount it any further!

As you might know, the New York Times is based in New York City, with a worldwide readership. Journalist Henry Jarvis Raymond and his banker pal George Jones launched the newspaper in 1851. It was initially called the New York Daily Times. Currently, The New York Times and its subsequent NYT app are owned and operated by its namesake, The New York Times Company. Its publishing is overseen by the Sulzberger family scion, A. G. Sulzberger. 

Despite it being an internationally acclaimed newspaper with a subscriber base of over five million, The New York Times doesn’t cost much. Let us take a look at how you can get a subscription for yourself in 2022.

How to get New York Times Subscription senior discount

How to Get New York Times Subscription Senior Discount in 2022? 

As you might know, many other businesses offer a discount for people aged 60+. For instance, you can get the Kohls senior discount online for a great price! Unfortunately, there is no New York Times digital subscription senior discount at the moment. But fortunately for you, you don’t need one! Here’s why.

If you have subscribed to the daily, then you can avail of a range of benefits along with the spectacular articles that come with the paper. The daily subscription costs just $0.25 per week, which offers you unlimited access to all the news and articles published in print and digital media throughout the week. That includes both the physical newspaper and its digital counterparts. 

The New York Times basic digital access subscription gives you complete access to not only the news articles but also to the Times crossword and the Times apps. And don’t forget The New York Times subscription senior discount home delivery provision. You will receive the physical newspaper at your doorstep every single day after availing of this amazing deal. 

What are The New York Times Subscription Options?

You have a whole host of subscription options available for you, including directly visiting your nearest NYT office to make the payment. But the easiest, most convenient option for getting The New York Times subscription 2022 has to be making digital payments. Here are the steps,

  1. Visit this link – – and select the Login button in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Enter your login details if you are already registered, or simply click any of the other options that turn up below, like “Continue with Google”. 
  3. Once you have logged in to your account, you will be provided with the available subscriptions. At the time of writing this article, there was no New York Times digital subscription senior discount present. However, you can skim through some other great deals.
  4. Select the offer that best suits your needs and proceed to the payment portal.
  5. Click the payment method that you prefer to successfully subscribe to the newspaper at the said discounted rate.

If you have already availed of other virtual discounts, like the Verizon fios senior citizen discount, then you can complete this simple task in no time.

How much does an All-Access NYT Subscription Cost?

As mentioned before, the basic New York Times digital subscription senior discount costs just $0.25 per week. And this basic itself gives you an all-access pass. As a Times subscriber, you will not only gain access to their unlimited articles, but also to the NYT app, The New York Times cooking portal, their exclusive crosswords, and even the Wall Street Journal. Other offers include:

  • Gift Subscriptions: You can give this all-access pass to your loved ones or friends, and let them enjoy the full-fledged benefits. You can also receive gift subscriptions from your friends once you have logged in to the portal.
  • Military Veterans Subscriptions: These are cheaper than $0.25 per week, and are only available to military veterans. However, they may not be present every time that you try to subscribe, so it would be better to take the yearly rate which will usually be discounted.
  • Digital Subscriptions: Like to read your stuff on Kindle or NOOK? The New York Times all-access pass grants you that as well. Now you can read your daily as you relax on the beach, Kindle in one hand and a mocktail in the other!
New York Times Subscription Senior Discount FAQs


Does The New York Times offer Home Delivery for Seniors?

Of course, it does! And not just for 60+ people, but also for everyone else. The basic offer provides you with The New York Times subscription senior discount home delivery as well. Here’s the catch. NYT offers home delivery only if a branch is present in or around your neighborhood. Check their official website here to know whether you are eligible. But know this, their international newspaper is delivered right to people’s doorsteps in many parts of the world!

Does The New York Times have a Student Discount?

The New York Times does offer a student discount, but before we dive into its specifics, let us try to understand why students need a discount. First off, students barely ever have an income, even after considering their part-time wages and/or pocket money. Thus, even a $0.25 charge per week may seem pretty high for them.

Thankfully, The New York Times subscription senior discount 2022 also includes an exclusive offer for students. Every American student, including the staff and professors of the school or college, is eligible for a 50% off on their individual NY Times digital subscriptions. You will need a valid school or college ID (teacher or student ID) to avail of this attractive offer.

Since The New York Times has crossed the century of winning the prestigious Pulitzer prizes, it is no wonder that many educational institutions in the US recommend this newspaper to their students. Their students are even recommended to use the newspaper for correcting their factual inaccuracies.

Is NYT Cooking Included in the NYT Subscription?

NYT Cooking is an elite app that offers access to a wide range of recipes from reputable cooks all around the world. You can pull up a few of their select free recipes from a simple Google search, but if you want their entire collection, then you will need to have an official NYT subscription. The basic New York Times digital subscription senior discount of $0.25 includes the NYT cooking app as well.

Apart from that, senior citizens and regular Times subscribers are eligible for a 28-day free trial of the cooking app. You can download and cook as many of their exclusive recipes as you want during this period. Here, you can find every recipe, right from the classic American cheeseburgers to the exotic Italian cuisines.

NYT cooking is purely an online app that can only be accessed over a web browser or a smartphone/tablet platform. Hence, you will need the internet to subscribe to its innumerable scrumptious benefits. If an NYT office is near your place, then you can directly visit the branch to subscribe to the New York Times cooking or home delivery subscription.

In essence, there may not be a New York Times subscription senior citizen home delivery discount available for you, but you can definitely avail yourself of their other range of offers. If a subscriber has sent you an exclusive NYT promo code, then you can enter it in the relevant box during signup to avail of the discount. Additionally, if you are a senior student at some reputable university, then you can invoke the NYT student discount.

All in all, The New York Times may not exactly provide a senior discount, but its other offers are well worth consideration. Take the NYT all-access pass, for instance. For a nominal price, you will gain access to the world’s most prominent, elect, and utterly fantastic content, either in your hands as a physical paper or in your Kindle/NOOK reader. Even Android/iOS smartphones and tablets are compatible with the NYT app.

At the end of the day, you probably won’t get an offer like the Ross senior discount day. The New York Times Subscription senior discount primary offer of $0.25 per week itself is so affordable that you won’t need to think twice before signing up for the subscription. Have second thoughts on whether The New York Times is really a credible newspaper? Its Pulitzer Prize record of 132 will dispel those in a jiffy!

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