Does CenturyLink Offer Senior Discounts

Does CenturyLink Offer Senior Discounts

CenturyLink is a telecommunications company that offers phone, internet, and TV services. They also offer home security and alarm systems. CenturyLink has been in business since 1930, and they are headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. In this blog post, we will answer the question of whether or not CenturyLink offers senior discounts on its services.

CenturyLink General Introduction

CenturyLink is a telecommunications company that provides a wide range of services to consumers, businesses, and government agencies in the United States. The company was founded in 1930 and is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.

CenturyLink offers a variety of services, including internet, phone, and television services for residential customers, as well as data, voice, and managed services for business customers. They also offer cloud infrastructure, security, and managed hosting services for businesses.

In addition to its core telecommunications services, CenturyLink also provides network and data center services, as well as consulting and support services to help businesses manage their IT infrastructure and applications. The company operates in 37 states and serves millions of customers across the United States.

Does CenturyLink Have Discounts for Senior Citizens?

Unfortunately, there is no CenturyLink discount for seniors. Its pricing is based on the type of service that you choose and can vary depending on location and availability. CenturyLink offers promotional discounts to new customers, but these are typically limited-time offers and may not be available everywhere.

What Are the Alternative Programs Seniors Can Benefit Of?

What Are the Alternative Programs Seniors Can Benefit Of

Although CenturyLink does not offer a senior discount, they do offer a range of programs and services that can help seniors save money.

The Affordable Connectivity Program

CenturyLink provides an enticing discount of up to $30 per month on its internet, phone, and TV services for eligible households in all 37 states it serves. For those living on tribal lands, there is even more reason to rejoice; customers can save a whopping $75 each month with this astounding offer!

Telephone Assistance Programs

CenturyLink also offers a telephone assistance program to help seniors save money. This program provides discounts of up to $10 per month on CenturyLink’s home phone service for qualifying households. It is important to note that the amount of your discount may differ depending on the state you reside in.

Lifeline Program

The CenturyLink Lifeline program helps low-income households by providing discounted monthly telephone and internet services. The program is limited to those who are enrolled in certain government assistance programs or meet the specific income requirements of their state.

More Ways to Save at CenturyLink

Bundling Services

CenturyLink allows customers to bundle their services, which can lead to significant savings. With CenturyLink’s internet, TV, and phone service packages, customers have the advantage of unlimited nationwide calling at an affordable monthly rate.

Removing Unnecessary Add-Ons from Bundles

If CenturyLink customers are looking for even more savings, they can opt to remove any unnecessary add-ons from their bundles. CenturyLink offers a wide range of options that can be included in its bundle packages, but by getting rid of the ones that are not needed, customers can save even more money on their monthly bills!

Choosing the Most Suitable Internet Speed

Customers who are looking to save money on CenturyLink’s services can also choose the most suitable internet speed for their needs. CenturyLink offers several different speeds, and customers should select the one that best fits their usage and budget.

Other Companies Offering Senior Discounts

Culver’s10% off on the total bill60 and older
Honey Baked HamThe opportunity to get discount coupons60 and older
Albertsons10% off55 and older
Kohl’s15% off every Wednesday60 and older


It is clear that seniors can’t use CenturyLink discounts. However, there are other programs available that can help them save money on CenturyLink’s services. CenturyLink’s Affordable Connectivity Program, Telephone Assistance Programs, and Lifeline Program are all great options for those looking to save a little extra money each month.  We hope that this article has helped answer the question of whether or not CenturyLink offers senior discounts on its services.

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