What Is Culver’s Senior Discount Age?

Culvers senior discount

Culver’s, officially named Culver Franchising System, LLC, is a chain of fast-food restaurants prominently found in the Midwestern US. Most of its outlets are concentrated in Wisconsin, its birth state. The company is relatively new, established in 1984 by the Culver family. It may not even have celebrated its 40th anniversary yet, but it understands the hardships faced by 60+ senior citizens. That is why you can find a Culver’s senior discount at a few of their outlets in the country. But there is no official discount offered by the company like the Christopher and Banks senior discount.

Nevertheless, you can get some really lip-smacking food at any of their outlets for reasonable prices. If you are a first-timer at Culver’s, then you must try out their classic ButterBurger, an appetizing combination of a burger and oodles of butter. Their Fresh Frozen Custard is another popular item, definitely not to be missed. We recommend that you make a complete meal out of your first visit, starting with their popular Wisconsin Cheese Curds and ButterBurger, along with their delicious Coleslaw on the side. And don’t forget to wrap it up with a frozen custard!

Culver’s Senior Discount Policy

Culver’s Senior Discount Policy

As mentioned before, the company doesn’t have an official senior discount policy in place at the moment. But does Culver’s have a senior discount at some of its outlets? You will have to call your nearest location to check with the manager. A few of its core locations in Wisconsin may readily offer you 10% off on the total bill. However, they usually have a few conditions to avail of that discount, like the minimum age and the documents required.

What Is Senior Discount Age for Culver’s?

For one, there will be a Culver’s senior discount age minimum of 60 years, not unlike the Harris Teeter senior discount policy. Your office colleagues or social acquaintances may consider you to be a senior at or above 55, but Culver’s generally has the 60+ age policy in place whenever it offers a senior discount. Also, it so happens that many people look much younger than their age, so you need to carry your ID proof while dining at Culver’s to receive the discount.


Culver’s Senior Discount FAQs
  1. Does Culver’s have a Rewards Program?

Yes, it does, and the program is set in stone for a long time now! Anyone can be a part of it, right from 18-year-old teens to 60+ elders. Every Culver’s customer who has enrolled in their rewards program will receive a free coupon from the company on their birthday. After you show this coupon on your next visit to Culver’s, you will get a free sundae on your order. Thus, as a senior citizen, you don’t need to dread your birthday anymore. Look forward to the free sundae!

  1. Does Culver’s Offer a Military Discount?

The answer to this is similar to our response to the question – does Culver’s have a senior citizen discount? The company doesn’t offer an official military discount. But many of its franchised outlets are known to give out 10% to 20% discount on the total bill to veterans. A few of them even provide a free parking space on their premises instead of a discount. However, please note that it cannot be clubbed with the Culver’s senior discount if present. Just take the discount that proves to be most advantageous!

  1. Does Culver’s Do a Student Discount?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is NO. As of 2022, Culver’s doesn’t offer any discounts for students. But they did run an offer back in 2019 for a specific location. The outlet in Waterloo, IA, provided a 10% discount to the students of the nearby university. Going by that past offer, if there is a Culver’s present near your college, then do check with the manager if they provide a student discount. If the answer is yes, then do not forget to carry your college ID for verification purposes while visiting the restaurant.

That said, if none of the outlets in your vicinity offer a senior, military, or student discount, don’t be disheartened. What is Culver’s senior discount, after all? It can be an offer from the company or a free coupon from some other dealer, which may not be the same as Michaels senior discount. Go to your browser from your laptop or smartphone and check if any third-party websites are giving away a free Culver’s coupon. You can usually find a few good deals here. The deals are generally in the form of coupons, discounts, free parking, and other freebies.

About Culver’s

The very first outlet of Culver’s chain of casual fast-food restaurants was launched in 1984. The Culver family, George, Ruth, Craig, and Lea, were experienced restaurateurs who already had a few fast food joints to their name since 1961. They took a leap of faith on July 18, 1984, by selling all their previous restaurants and quitting their respective jobs to establish a frozen custard and butter burger parlor.

The huge risk that the Culver family took paid off in four excruciating years when they started franchising their brand name. Even then, the early years of their franchising beheld a slow growth with only about 14 outlets by 1993, and that too only within Wisconsin. They first ventured outside the borders of the state in 1995, launching two restaurants in Minnesota and Illinois. And about three years later, they crossed the boundaries of the Midwest by opening an outlet in Texas.

However, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that the Culver’s outlets began generating high amounts of profits. The meteoric rise began in 2005 when they started launching over 40 locations each year. Today, the company has over 860 restaurants throughout the Midwest, and it racks up revenue of more than $3.2 billion. Apart from their signature items, you can also enjoy hamburgers, milkshakes, sandwiches, salads, tenders, and fries at any of their outlets. 

So does Culver’s offer a senior discount? No, it doesn’t, but who needs to know when they serve so many delicacies at rates more affordable than many of their competitors!

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