Is There a Southwest Airlines Senior Discount? Here’s What We Know

Is There a Southwest Airlines Senior Discount?

Many people are looking for ways to save money on air travel, and Southwest Airlines is no exception. With Southwest Airlines’ extensive domestic network, it can be a great option for seniors who want to fly but don’t want to pay full price. But does Southwest offer any discounts specifically for seniors? That’s the question we’re going to explore today. So, read on for all the details!

Is There a Southwest Airlines Senior Discount?

It would be nice if Southwest Airlines offered special senior discounts, but unfortunately, they do not. According to Southwest Airlines’ website, “Southwest does not offer senior fares.” This means that all Southwest Airlines’ customers pay the same fare, regardless of age. 

How Else Can I Save with Southwest Airlines?

So, Southwest does not offer official discounted fares or promotional codes specifically for seniors. That much is certain. Still, Southwest does offer a few other ways to help seniors save money on their flights. 

Special Offers Page

Occasionally, Southwest Airlines have special deals or discounts available. These can include Southwest Airlines credit card offers, promotional codes and other discounts. They are all listed on Southwest Airlines’ Special Offers page, which is updated regularly. 

So, it’s worth checking in every once in a while to see if any new offers have been added that could help you save on Southwest flights. 

Rapid Rewards Program

The alternative way to save money on Southwest flights is by signing up for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program. Once you join, SA will give you points for every purchase you make with their partners, be it airline tickets, car rentals, hotels or other services. You can then redeem these points for flights or rewards like hotel stays, car rentals and more. 

Plus, Southwest Airlines’ partners frequently run promotions and discounts, so you may be able to save even more by taking advantage of those offers. Please visit the official Rapid Rewards page for all the details.

Sign Up for E-mails

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Program

Even if there’s no Southwest senior discount, signing up for Southwest Airlines’ email list can still be a good idea. Southwest Airlines occasionally run promotions exclusively for its email subscribers, so it’s worth signing up if you want to be in the know about their offers. That way, you’ll get all the news about Southwest Airlines’ deals and discounts straight to your inbox. 

Use this link to join Southwest’s email list.

Other Senior Discounts

It is disappointing that Southwest Airlines does not offer an official senior discount, but don’t give up just yet. We may not have Southwest Airlines senior discounts, but you can still find other discounts and deals in our list below. Who knows, you might just find that perfect offer! 

Outback Steakhouse10% off50+
Lenovo5% off50+

Bottom Line

So, there you have it — Southwest Airlines does not offer senior discounts or specific senior fares. However, Southwest does have a Rapid Rewards program and regular special offers that seniors can take advantage of to save money on their flights. So, be sure to take advantage of these deals and check back regularly for any new discounts that may be available. 

Thank you for reading!

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