Make A Difference: Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Make A Difference: Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Have you been looking for the best volunteer opportunities for seniors? Well, look no further! Volunteering can be a great way to make a difference in your community, meet new people, and stay active. Whether you want to help out with animal rescues or serve meals at a local soup kitchen, there are plenty of ways for seniors to get involved.

Why Volunteering Is Important for Our Society 

Volunteering is especially important for our society, as it can provide valuable assistance to underserved populations, help sustain vital programs and services, and improve the overall health of a community. Seniors who volunteer often experience improved physical and mental well-being. Volunteering is also associated with a sense of purpose and can help boost self-esteem.

How Seniors Benefit From Participating in Volunteering

There are many benefits to volunteering for seniors. It can provide an opportunity to share life experiences and knowledge, help build healthier communities, and give back to those in need. Additionally, volunteering can also reduce stress, keep seniors active and engaged in their community, offer a chance to make new friends, and even help them find new career paths.

Volunteer Opportunities for Senior Citizens

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available for seniors.

Rotary International

Rotary International is a worldwide service organization that works to improve lives in local communities. Seniors can volunteer with Rotary International to provide health care, clean water, basic education, and economic development programs in underserved areas.

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Similar to Rotary International, Lions Clubs International Foundation is a volunteer-led organization that works to improve communities around the world. Seniors can join local Lions Clubs and participate in fundraisers and service activities such as helping with community cleanups, providing meals for those in need, or participating in vision screenings.

Kiwanis International

Kiwanis International is a global organization that focuses on helping children and communities around the world. Seniors can help with Kiwanis International by mentoring, teaching kids basic skills, or volunteering at community events.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)

RMHC is a volunteer-driven organization that supports families with children with serious medical conditions. Seniors can help by providing meals, organizing activities for the kids, or even offering emotional support to the family members.

Boys and Girls Club of America

The Boys and Girls Club of America provides a safe and nurturing environment for children and teens. Seniors can volunteer by helping out with after-school programs, assisting with sports activities, or tutoring students.

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is a government-funded organization that works to promote peace and development in developing countries around the world. Seniors can join the Peace Corps as volunteers and use their life experiences to help create positive changes in communities around the globe.

Children’s Hunger Fund

Children’s Hunger Fund is a non-profit organization that helps feed children in poverty-stricken areas. Seniors can volunteer by packing food boxes, donating clothes or toys, or helping with fundraising events.

Senior Corps

Senior Corps is a government-funded program that encourages seniors to volunteer in their communities. There are three different programs within Senior Corps: Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, and RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program). Seniors can choose from a variety of service opportunities such as tutoring children, visiting people who are homebound or disabled, helping with home repairs for low-income families, or even providing transportation to those in need.

Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels is a program that provides meals to homebound seniors. Seniors can volunteer to deliver meals, help with food distribution centers, or even provide companionship to those who are lonely.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a charity organization that works to assist individuals and families who have been affected by disasters or are living in poverty. It works to help people access vital medical resources, essential medications, and basic supplies needed for day-to-day living.

How to Find More Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of websites and organizations dedicated to helping seniors find volunteer opportunities in their local community.

Discover Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Many organizations offer volunteer opportunities abroad. Whether you’re looking to travel overseas or stay closer to home, there are various ways for seniors to get involved and make a difference.

Research Nonprofits with Charity Navigator

For those looking to donate, Charity Navigator is an excellent resource for researching nonprofits and charities. It provides ratings and reviews so you can make informed decisions about where your money or time will be best spent.

Find Volunteer Opportunities with VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch helps connect volunteers with the perfect organization match. Whether you’re looking to help out in your local community or abroad, it’s a great tool for finding volunteer opportunities that are right for you.


Volunteering is a great way for seniors to give back and make a positive difference in the world. Countless organizations offer a variety of ways for seniors to get involved, whether it be through teaching, mentoring, or providing support for those in need. No matter what type of volunteer opportunity you choose, your time and effort will be greatly appreciated.  So, if you’re looking for a meaningful way to spend your retirement years, consider volunteering and making a difference in your community!

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