How Target Senior Shopping Hours Work In 2024

How Target senior shopping hours work

The worldwide pandemic plunged the entire world into a frenzy. People were panicking, and the stores were getting crowded. Amidst all these, there were some changes made to the open hours of the stores. In the middle of 2020, senior hours at Target stores were announced. One hour was dedicated to the seniors for a couple of days in the week. This was subsequently reduced to just one day in the week. Target is continuing this system even today.

Does Target Have Senior Hours Specifically For Older People?

Here, it is essential to mention that the Target hours for senior shopping are no longer reserved for only the aged. It has been termed as ‘vulnerable shopping’ time now. So anyone who is more at risk of suffering from COVID-19 can use the time to shop at Target. People who are sick or have pre-existing conditions that make them more susceptible to long-lasting effects from COVID-19 are requested to use this time to shop.

Target has advised their shoppers not to depend on the Target senior shopping hours solely. Since the time allotted to that is very short, people must use other means to shop safely. The retail store has asked its customers to use the early morning hours to visit the stores across the country. The hours just after the stores open can be considered the safest time for the more vulnerable group to do their shopping. The stores tend to be less crowded during Target senior hours during coronavirus. People can shop freely without the constant worry of running into a crowd. Also, the stores have been freshly cleaned and sanitized.

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Target senior shopping hours FAQs


1. What Are The Current Timings For Target?

The usual timing for Target stores is from 7 am to 10 pm. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the timings have been reduced to one hour. Apart from special holidays, the stores are open from 7 am to 9 pm. During the holiday season, they extend the open timings.

2. When Is Target Open For Seniors?

Even though the conditions for Target senior citizen hours have constantly been changing, the retail company has tried to maintain the system of allotting time to the ‘vulnerable shoppers’ of the country. The senior hours at Target are only from 8 am to 9 am on every Tuesday. If someone is still unclear about the store timings, they can feel free to contact the local store for more information.

3. What Is The Age For Senior Hours Target?

Initially, the age could have been set at 60 above or 65 above. Since this is no longer the case, no specific age limit can be applied. But it is expected that people would only use the special hours if they fall under the senior category. Or they belong to the more vulnerable group of the society.

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