What Senior Discounts Are Available At Puritan Pride?

What senior discounts are available at Puritan Pride?

You are on this page probably because you want to know, Does Puritan Pride Have a Senior Discount? Well, before answering that, why not get an overview of Puritan Pride.

A journey of over 40 years since 1973 with a dedicated and sincere effort to offer vitamin and mineral supplements to millions of households has made Puritan Pride a household name. With a huge spectrum of over 12,000 products, Puritan Pride has built its indomitable reputation with the standard of delivering purity and quality with every product. The richness and purity of their product line come from the fine and fresh ingredients sourced from the earth that is specific to a region.

The company assures its customers of the best products. It guarantees a thorough manufacturing process for its entire collection of wellness products, including sports supplements, beauty, pet care, and much more.

Now coming to the Puritan Pride senior discount code. You would be delighted to know that Puritans Pride is now offering an exclusive savings opportunity for their senior customers with a Puritan Pride senior discount. Seniors can now save huge on their purchases at Puritan Pride.

Moreover, there is a great demand for premium-quality supplements from Puritan Pride. Their products are ideal for users of all ages since they comprise essential minerals, herbs, oils, and natural vitamins. Since the company also extends its product catalog to include beauty products, groceries, and aromatherapy oils, seniors can highly benefit from shopping at Puritan’s Pride.  In addition, there are other ways to save with this company.Thus, with Puritan’s Pride senior discount opportunity, elderly customers can save big. You can also check out the official site and coupon sites for additional offers like Puritan’s Perks Loyalty Program, Member rewards, and discount codes to avail stunning savings on your purchase at Puritan’s Pride.

Puritan Pride Senior Discount Policy

Puritan Pride Senior Discount Policy

A recent study report released by the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed that nearly a quarter of Americans (adult population) hardly have any retirement savings or pension scheme. The data points out a severe scenario where 42% of the age group 18-29 have absolutely no retirement savings, and that is rising to 26% in the 30-44 age category of Americans. This reveals the financial challenges and extreme need for savings for seniors. (Forbes.com) There is no need to feel shy to ask for senior discounts. After all, companies give them because they feel seniors deserve them.

Puritan Pride offers a Puritan Pride senior discount code to all Senior Members. By using this code during check out, seniors are entitled to 10% off on their entire purchase. To acquire the discount code, you must visit the Puritan Pride website or third-party coupon code sites. Make sure while checking out, you enter the senior’s coupon code to avail yourself of a flat 10% off on your purchase bill. You can also dial the toll-free number 1-800-645-1030 to place your order and simply mention the coupon code to activate the discount.

What is the senior discount age at Puritan Pride?

The senior citizen discount policy of any company does mention the eligibility criteria like age, minimum order, location, etc. Puritan’s Pride offers Puritan Pride senior discount to customers 50 years of age or above. However, this discount is only available at the Puritan store for in-store purchases. But, you can dial up their toll-free number to confirm whether you can avail of a similar discount for online purchases as well.

To look for the discount code, you can ask the in-store staff at the billing desk or search online for “Puritan Pride senior discount code,” but this offer is valid only for those aging 50 years or above. You might need to provide valid ID proof to verify your age while applying the code at checkout. But you must keep in mind that this senior discount cannot be merged with any other discount offer.

Puritan Pride senior discount FAQ


Does Puritan Pride Have Free Shipping?

Yes, Puritan Pride does offer free shipping for online purchases. However, customers are entitled to receive free shipping at Puritan’s Pride online purchasing only when the purchase bill amount is at least $49. However, for any purchase below $49, you will need to pay shipping charges.

Does Puritan Pride Offer a New Customer Discount?

Yes, Puritan Pride offers a discount to all the new customers. All new customers or first-time buyers are entitled to a discount of 15% off from Puritan’s Pride on the first order. Not only this but Puritan Perks Loyalty Reward and Puritan Membership rewards also bring in lucrative discount deals for regular buyers.

Does Puritan Pride Offer a Military Discount?

Currently, Puritan Pride does not offer military discounts. However, since the company keeps bringing in new discounts for different groups of the society like their initiative of senior discount for Puritan Pride, you can keep an eye for updates on military discounts too.

Are there any other companies offering senior discounts?

Senior discounts are common and given by several companies. 

  • Wall Street Journal, a leading and reputed news portal, offers Wall Street Journal senior discounts from time to time for all its subscribers.
  • Amtrak travelers aging 65 years of age and above are eligible to avail of the Amtrak senior discount. The senior discount entitles senior citizens to receive a 10% discount directly on rail fares on most Amtrak trains.
  • Popular food chain Golden Corral also participates in offering a standard senior discount of 10%. However, not all franchises offer Golden Corral senior discounts, so make sure to check out with your nearest outlet whether they are offering a senior discount.

So, if you are getting the opportunity to avail Puritan Pride senior discount code and save 10% on your purchase bill, do not think twice. If you are not sure how to avail yourself of the senior discount benefits, call up at Puritan Pride’s toll-free number, 1-800-645-1030.

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