What Day Is Senior Discount Day At Goodwill?

What day is senior discount day at Goodwill

Goodwill Industries International Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides training and jobs to people with employment barriers. You possibly know it better for its chain of thrift stores throughout the US. And if you are among the elderly who often purchase stuff from there, then you will definitely love to know about the Goodwill senior discount days. Oh yes, apart from the great prices offered on their products, they also provide senior discounts, just like the senior discount at Papa Murphy’s Wichita!

Goodwill Senior Discount Policy

Every Goodwill store has a different senior discount policy. You can get a discount from 10% to 50% depending on their ongoing offers. Usually, the offer falls in the range of 15% to 20% on the standard rate. The discount days may also vary from store to store. However, the minimum Goodwill senior discount age usually remains the same, i.e. 60+. Refer to the AT&T senior citizen discount for more information.

For instance, the Goodwill stores in Alberta offer a 15% senior discount throughout the week for seniors aged 60 and above. On the other hand, its South Central Wisconsin stores have senior offers of 10% only on Tuesdays for people above 55 years of age. Thus, though almost all the Goodwill stores provide senior discounts, their policies are often different.

What Days Are Discount Days at Goodwill?

As mentioned in the previous section, senior discount days vary at different Goodwill locations. At certain stores, every day is a Goodwill senior discount day, whereas, at others, such offers are available only on a particular day of the week. The one thing we can guarantee is that every Goodwill location offers a discount on their merchandise for seniors.

As for the other discount days, Goodwill offers a Weekly Color Tag Sale. It is usually offered on Sunday and Monday when they color tags on all their products that are available at a whopping 50% off! Then there is Student Day every Thursday, a time during which any student is eligible for a 10% discount on their entire purchase. 

And the Military Veteran Day is celebrated every day of the week, or every day when the shop is open. Military veterans also receive a 10% discount on their purchases. Additionally, there is the half-off Saturday, when the Goodwill senior day discount rises to 50%.

Goodwill senior discount FAQs


  1. What Can Seniors Get Free?

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization where people donate things free of cost to be used by other people. Thus, nobody gets anything for free, not even seniors. You may receive a freebie if it is offered on their discount days, but you cannot simply walk into the store and demand something without paying anything. Discounts are available, similar to the McDonald’s senior discount age of 60+, but free-of-cost items are nothing but a dream.

  1. What Is the Best Day to Shop at Goodwill?

Now, this is a question that we can answer without a moment’s hesitation. If you know what day is senior discount day at Goodwill, then you can easily surf through and avail of other offers that are available at the store on that day. Time your shopping right, and you may even get a staggering 90% off on your total bill!

For example, if you are a 60+ military veteran who is also a student at a US university, then you can receive an 85% discount on your entire purchase on some days in some Goodwill outlets. It includes the senior discount of 15%, the color tag discount of 50%, the military veteran discount of 10%, and the student discount of 10%. Thus, if not for free, you can get your favorite piece of clothing as cheap as dirt!

  1. How Can You Check Goodwill Points?

Are you a regular shopper at Goodwill stores? Then you may already be a member of their amazing rewards program. Through this program, you can earn a certain number of points on every purchase. Accumulate 100 of these Good Points, and you will receive an additional 5%-10% discount on your next purchase. Other offers like the Goodwill senior discount can also be clubbed with the points offer.

Now, these Good Points will be automatically added to your balance. But how can you check how many you have accumulated? The thing is, you don’t need to! The cashier will inform you if your Good Points exceed 100, and ask whether you wish to redeem those. Also, you can take those points as high as you can to redeem directly on a major purchase, which will gain better savings.

Furthermore, you can check the points you have accumulated on the official Goodwill website. Just log in to the site with your registered credentials (email and password), and check your Good Points on the dashboard.

The Goodwill rewards program is the same throughout the US and Canada. You get one Good Point for every dollar spent. Hence, if you are already a Goodwill rewards member who has purchased items worth $100 in one go, then you will receive the said Good Points discount on your bill.

However, please note that the Goodwill senior day discount and points vary from one senior discount day to another, one store to another. Most of their outlets offer a 5% discount upon amassing 100 points, but a few others also offer a 10% discount! Thus, to get as high a discount as possible, you not only need to choose the right day to shop, but also the perfect store.

  1. What Are Green Tags at Goodwill?

To understand the answer to this question, you will first need to comprehend the reason why Goodwill offers the Color Tag day. The color tags on their merchandise determine which items are old enough to be sold off quickly. For instance, the blue-tagged items are regular products available at 30% off on Thursdays and Fridays, and the black tags are usually high-end clothing items that are available at a considerably lower price than the original rate.

As for the Green Tag, it falls somewhere in the middle. The Goodwill senior discount days that offer the green tag lie in the middle of the month, the second week to be more precise. Green tagged items are generally offered at a 30% discount on Thursday and Friday, and at a 50% discount over the weekend.

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