What are Walgreens Senior Discount Days in 2022?

What are Walgreens senior discount days

Walgreen Company, popularly known as Walgreens, is a pharmacy chain headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. Being one of the largest and the most well-known pharmacies in the United States, it has over 9000 stores spread throughout the country and its surrounding regions. But does it provide any benefits for seniors? Is there a Walgreens senior citizen discount available? There sure is, and you can enjoy some fantastic discounts on your prescriptions at that.

Walgreens was founded in 1901 by its namesake, Charles R. Walgreen. Initially, it was a small food front store located in Chicago, IL. And as the number of Walgreens outlets grew, its market focus began shifting into the pharmacy niche. Its business thrives on filling prescriptions, providing health information, and selling health and wellness products. It also owns and operates a number of photo studios in several parts of the country.

Which Day of the Week is Senior Day at Walgreens?

When is the next senior discount day at Walgreens? That is like asking, does Tractor Supply have a senior discount? If you regularly visit your nearest Walgreens or Tractor Supply store, then you will know the answer to both these questions is “yes”!

The senior discount day at Walgreens falls on the first Tuesday of the month. There may only be one day dedicated to seniors, but the discounts available are huge. Every eligible senior citizen will receive a 20% discount on the products. Certain items are also available at a cool 30% discount.

It doesn’t matter if you visit the physical store or the official Walgreens website. You will receive the said discount either way. The only difference is that in-store, you will need to provide your ID to prove that you are senior and online, you will simply need to type in the code: SENIOR20 (20% off) or SENIOR30 (30% off) depending on which discounted item you wish to purchase. But please remember that these codes and discounts are valid only on the first Tuesday of every month.

At what Age is a Person considered to be a Senior at Walgreens?

Not everyone who walks into the pharmacy receives the Walgreens senior discount. There are certain conditions that you should meet to be eligible for the Tuesday deal. The first and the most important criterion is age. Only those people who are 55 years of age or older can avail of the senior discount. You may be considered a senior by certain organizations at the age of 50, but Walgreens’ senior age is set at 55.

You will also receive an offer on your medications on the Walgreens senior discount day if you are an AARP member. While AARP accepts people of all ages, it is mostly dedicated to seniors aged 50+. Thus, if you are an AARP member of the younger generation, then you probably won’t receive the said discount. Additionally, you must have subscribed to the Walgreens rewards / myWalgreens program to avail the discount.

Walgreens senior discount FAQs


  1. Does Walgreens have a Veteran Discount?

There is no offer going on at Walgreens for military veterans at the moment. However, they do offer veteran discount days from time to time, like the one from November 11-14, 2021 when they gave away their merchandise for a flat 20% discount to vets. Keep checking back here often to find any upcoming such offers from Walgreens. 

Alternatively, military veterans aged 55+ are eligible for the Walgreens senior discount day 2022 on the first Tuesday of each month. You can also avail of their ongoing offers running at the time of shopping, just like the policies of the senior discount Papa Murphys.

  1. Does Walgreens offer AARP Discount?

As mentioned in the previous section, Walgreens does offer AARP discounts of 20%-30% off on selected items. The AARP discount is the same as the Walgreens senior discount every Tuesday, rather the first Tuesday of the month. Your AARP membership can be easily clubbed with your myWalgreens subscription.

Apart from the Tuesday discounts, AARP members are also eligible for up to 10% cashback on certain health and wellness products. Wish to save on something beyond only your medication? Get 7% cashback on every purchase of Walgreens’ in-house beauty and personal care products, and a 3% off on those of other brands!

  1. What is myWalgreens Membership?

myWalgreens is a free membership program that is the key to unlocking their sale prices. If you frequently attend Walgreens for your monthly medications and other items, then you should definitely sign up for this program. It offers 1% – 5% cashback for every dollar spent at the store. You will experience faster checkouts and quicker home deliveries on your orders. Plus, you won’t get your senior discount Walgreens without the myWalgreen membership.

And the benefits don’t end here! With myWalgreens, you also receive an exclusive myWalgreens credit card, which unravels a whole host of other shopping discounts. They include additional cashback and bonus rewards for reaching your health goals. The senior discount at Home Depot offers somewhat similar benefits too.

  1. Is myWalgreens Worth it?

Of course, it is! With up to 10% cashback on your orders, faster checkouts, quicker curbside pickups and home deliveries, regular personalized updates, and other bonus rewards, myWalgreens is more than worth the few minutes spent in applying for the membership. It also opens up the exclusive Walgreens senior discount and AARP member benefits for people aged 55+.

All in all, the senior discount at Walgreens is entirely dependent on your myWalgreens membership. If you have one and are a senior above the age of 55, then you will receive the 20% off on your purchase in no time. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes filling the membership form with your personal details. Your application will be processed as soon as possible, and you can avail of the great senior discount Tuesday deals at Walgreens right after the activation of your membership.

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