Wall Street Journal Subscription Senior Discount Guide

Wall Street Journal subscription senior discount guide

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is one of the premier business newspaper dailies in the world. It is read by almost every person who is involved in the finance and business industries. While it is originally published in the English language, other editions like Japanese and Chinese are also available. Seniors and retired Americans read it quite often, so is there a Wall Street Journal subscription senior discount available? The answer is no.

The WSJ is among the most read newspapers in the world. It was founded in 1889 by Edward Jones, Charles Dow, and Charles Bergstresser. And yes, you guessed it right. These are the same Dow and Jones in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The WSJ quickly grew in popularity over the years, and today, the circulation of its daily has reached nearly 3 million, including digital media as well.

Since the newspaper is so popular, especially among the elderly, why doesn’t the Journal provide a discount for seniors? The thing is, there are already so many offers and promotions on the regular subscriptions that you won’t feel the need for a Wall Street Journal senior discount. The subscription prices are perfectly affordable, even for low-income people. 

Does Wall Street Journal teacher discount

Does WSJ have a Teacher Discount?

Teaching is a noble profession, and WSJ agrees! Hence, it offers a cool deal for college professors. Apart from receiving the daily broadsheet, you will also get unlimited access to their official website and the smartphone app. Invitations to exclusive events mean gaining exciting offers, and access to a boatload of complementary eBooks are also part of the bargain.

Additionally, regular newsletters featuring their latest updates will be delivered straight to your inbox. And that just seems like a tiny gift compared to the WSJ Context, an online portal where you can immaculately consolidate your lecture notes with WSJ’s updated information. All this and more for just $48 per year! However, please note that only college professors can avail of this offer. K-12 teachers aren’t eligible.

Can High School Students get a WSJ Discount?

Students who are looking to graduate in business and finance may be looking for a discount on the WSJ subscription. There isn’t a Wall Street Journal subscription senior discount, but does this reputable newspaper provide a student discount? It sure does! Students are eligible to receive a WSJ yearly subscription for just $24. 

This subscription includes the daily and an all-access pass to their official website and smartphone app. Event invitations, exclusive offers, and free eBooks are included. And if you are really dedicated to your work and studies, then WSJ’s notable podcasts and entry into the direct interaction forum with renowned influencers and editors will be a big added bonus!

Furthermore, every student subscriber is eligible to receive WSJ newsletters curated exclusively for their particular courses. And this includes the 10-Point as well, which is a personalized entry into the Wall Street Journal’s spectacular realm of the latest news and updates regarding education and the economy.

Do students get a free Wall Street Journal  subscrition

Do Students get a Free Wall Street Journal Subscription?

Nothing in this world is available free of cost. If you find someone offering you something for free, then be sure to check the fine print, for there is bound to be a technical anomaly that may force you to pay in the future. To answer the main question, no, a WSJ subscription isn’t available free of cost for anyone. Even students and teachers have to pay a price for the deal, be it discounted.

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Honey Baked Ham Senior discount – Enjoy their delicious food items at a 20% discount. It’s better to keep an eye on their website, as their senior deals are renewed constantly.

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Wall Street Journal Subscription Senior Discount FAQs


  1. What is WSJ+ Membership?

As you might have guessed, WSJ+ is a prime membership that offers more than just daily and complete website access. It provides almost everything that a professor or student membership does, only at a slightly higher price. If you have already subscribed for the general Wall Street Journal senior discount, then you won’t need to pay any additional charge for WSJ+.

With WSJ+, you will gain exclusive access to the company’s commercial events, without paying an additional dime! The Wall Street Journal’s special membership offers and expert insights into the world of the economy will also be open to you. All you need to do is pay $8 per month for the initial year, and $38.99 per month after that period.

  1. How much is a WSJ Digital Subscription?

The Wall Street Journal’s digital subscription comes with the daily one. Apparently, there isn’t a separate offer for only digital. However, since you will be charged just about $8 per month for the daily subscription with which you can readily access the digital version of the newspaper, it is already a great bargain. Just imagine those savings! 

  1. How do I Turn Off Auto-Renew on WSJ?

There are two ways to turn off Auto-Renew on WSJ.

  1. Visit your Nearest Branch: There are a number of Wall Street Journal offices and branches in the United States. Visit your nearest branch to initiate the process of turning off your auto-renewal subscription. Contact any of the representatives present, and they will readily help you out.
  2. Get it Done Online: Log in to the official WSJ portal with your credentials, and select the “My Account” button, usually present on the far left of the homepage. Click the “Manage Subscriptions” link and find the “Cancel Subscription” button at the bottom of the page. Hit it to turn off your Auto-Renewal process.
  1. On What Days Is WSJ Not Published?

Ideally, the Wall Street Journal is published six days per week. It doesn’t matter if you are availing of the Wall Street Journal Subscription senior discount or the regular subscription. You won’t receive the newspaper on Sunday. That is probably because most businesses are closed on that day all over the world.

About The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ began circulating in 1889 in the Broadstreet format, which is far different from the regular tabloid and Berliner lengths. Their initial focus was on flimsies – short news bulletins. It was only during the early 1900s that they started publishing long-form articles featuring business news in and around the US. Despite The Journal having such a rich history, it’s a wonder that they don’t give out a Wall Street Journal senior discount. Nevertheless, you sure won’t be disappointed with their regular subscription offers!

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