Safeway Senior Hours 2024 Guide

Safeway Senior Hours Guide

Coronavirus continues to haunt many parts of the world. Supermarket stores are reserving special hours for those at high risk in the community. They also thank their customers for understanding and their compassion towards their friends and neighbors and even help to maintain the operational guidelines. Though these guidelines are temporary, it’s better to follow them till this pandemic is over.

Many supermarket stores like Safeway have announced senior hours. Safeway senior citizen hours make shopping easier for senior citizens. Safeway stores nationwide have set aside their dedicated Safeway senior hours to senior citizens and the risk populations like pregnant women or people with impairments. Therefore, Safeway had introduced specific timing for shopping for seniors in order to create a safe environment. Senior shopping hours Safeway is a great option nowadays.

Safeway senior hours guide

Considering the health conditions of the senior citizen or people suffering from other health issues, many supermarket stores like Walmart have also come to such a solution. So,  senior shopping hours at Walmart are now available. The trend of Stop and Shop senior hours 2022 is also going strong. You can also find out senior hours Costco.

The store has reserved 7:00 am to 9:00 am every Tuesday and Thursday for the Safeway senior citizens who will have to leave their homes to obtain groceries. The customer must check out the store’s opening hours from the officials. It’s better to check from them whether any change is given. The store’s hours get updated regularly on the company’s respective websites.

The Albertsons and Safeway operate under the same company; they will be providing special senior hours at Safeway for the old members. The latter will even include pregnant women and people having compromised immune systems at their stores nationwide.

They have reserved Tuesday and Thursday for shopping hours in Safeway that are from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. The company requested other customers to help them reserve the shopping time for those who are at risk during these days. The company has also said that every store will allow senior citizens from 60 or above to shop.

They have set this time to help the customers who are identified as the most vulnerable groups in today’s COVID-19 situation. This way, they will be more comfortable shopping at the store in Safeway senior hours coronavirus environment. These steps are taken to help people shop all the items they will need in less crowded stores.

Safeway Senior Hours FAQs


  • What Is The Age For Senior Hours?

The age for entering Senior shopping hours at Safeway is 65 years or above. If you want to go shopping in senior hours, you must fulfill these criteria. If you are pregnant, then you can be allowed for this hour.

  • When Is Safeway Open?

Safeway has different timings in their stores. You can check out the nearby Safeway stores to get the accurate timing, and if you want to know senior hours, they are open every Thursday and Tuesday from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

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