Pick N Save Senior Discounts (All You Need to Know)

Pick N Save Senior Discounts

Pick N Save is a grocery store chain with locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Pick N Save offers a wide variety of fresh produce, locally-sourced meats, dairy products, and more.

If you are interested in Pick N Save and its ways to save money, keep reading and learn more!

Does Pick N Save Offer a Senior Discount?

No, Pick N Save does not offer a senior discount. However, they do have several other ways to save money when shopping at their stores. Some of these include weekly ad specials, digital coupons, and a Pick N Save Rewards Program. Weekly ad specials are updated weekly to keep customers informed of the latest sales and promotions.

Pick N Save Coupons

Pick N Save offers digital coupons that can be applied to select items in their stores. These coupons are available on the Pick N Save website and can be used in-store or online. Customers can easily save money by taking advantage of these coupons and promotions. The Pick N Save Rewards Program is also a great way to save money. By signing up for the program, customers can earn points when they purchase items at Pick N Save stores. These points can then be used to save money on future purchases.

Other Ways to Save Money at Pick N Save

Other Ways to Save Money at Pick N Save

Here are some other ways you can save money at Pick N Save:

  1. Loyalty Program: Sign up for Pick N Save’s loyalty program to receive personalized discounts, digital coupons, and earn points towards fuel savings.
  2. Weekly Ads: Check Pick N Save’s weekly ads for in-store sales and deals on items you need.
  3. Clearance Items: Look for clearance items at Pick N Save. These are usually marked down and can offer significant savings.
  4. BOGO Deals: Take advantage of Pick N Save’s buy one, get one free deal on items you regularly use or consume.
  5. Shop the Sales: Plan your shopping trip around sales and purchase items in bulk when possible.
  6. Use Rewards Credit Cards: Use a rewards credit card to earn cashback or rewards points on your Pick N Save purchases.

What Other Stores Offer Senior Discounts?

Many stores offer senior discounts, including:

  1. Walgreens: Seniors can save 20% on the first Tuesday of every month.
  2. Kohl’s: Seniors can save 15% every Wednesday.
  3. Michaels: Seniors can save 10% every day.
  4. Ross Stores: Seniors can save 10% every Tuesday.
  5. Walmart: Seniors can save on groceries and household items with special pricing for those 60 and older.
  6. Kroger: Seniors can save on groceries with a senior discount on certain days.


Pick N Save is a great choice for seniors because it offers several ways to save money. From weekly ad specials and digital coupons to its loyalty program and rewards credit cards, there are plenty of ways to save money at Pick N Save. 

Plus, it supports local farmers and producers, so seniors can feel good about where their food is coming from. Shopping at Pick N Save is a great way for seniors to save on groceries while still getting the highest quality food.

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