Penske Military Discount: Get 10% off Your Next Truck Rental

Penske Military Discount Get 10% off Your Next Truck Rental

Are you a member of the military looking for a way to save money on your next truck rental? Look no further than Penske’s Military Discount. With this program, members of the military can enjoy 10% off their next truck rental. Whether you’re moving house or transporting goods, Penske’s Military Discount is here to help ease the financial burden and make relocation easier for those who have served our country. Keep reading for more info about this great offer. 

Is There a Penske Military Discount?

Yes, Penske offers active and veteran military personnel a discounted rate on their truck rentals. That way, both active and veteran military members can receive 10% off their next rental when they use the promo code “ MILITARY.” 

This promotion is available in more than 2500 Penske locations nationwide and applies to all truck rental classes, including

  • High Roof Cargo Vans
  • 12 Foot Trucks
  • 16 Foot Trucks
  • 22 Foot Trucks
  • 26 Foot Trucks

To take advantage of this military discount, simply book your rental online and use the promo code “MILITARY” at checkout. Your 10% discount will be applied automatically.

Who Is Eligible?

This program is open to all active and veteran military personnel. That means members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps qualify for the 10% discount on their next rental. 

All you need to do is show your valid military ID or other proof of service when you pick up your truck rental. And you’re good to go!

How Do I Get the Penske Military Discount?

How Do I Get the Penske Military Discount

Getting the Penske Military Discount is easy. All you need to do is book your rental online. To do that, go to their promo page and find a box to your right that says, “Let’s begin Your Truck Rental.” 

There, you will need to select your city, pick-up, and drop-off locations so that Penske can find you the best available truck. 

On this very page, you will be able to see the available truck options and select the one that best fits your needs. At this point, you will need to enter the promo code “MILITARY” in the blue box called “Promotion Code.”

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to see the estimated cost of your rental, with the 10% discount already applied. From there, all that’s left is to book your truck and follow Penske’s instructions for pick-up and drop-off. 

How Do I Redeem the Penske Military Discount?

After you have booked your truck, all you need to do is show up at the Penske location on the day of your rental with a valid military or veteran ID.  Since you’ve already entered the promotion code online, your 10% discount will have been applied, and you can enjoy your rental without worrying about additional costs. 

Do All Penske Locations Offer a Military Discount?

Although the majority of Penske’s locations do offer a military discount, some may not. If you are unsure whether or not your Penske location of choice offers this discount, call ahead and speak with a representative from the location. 

What Are the Other Ways Penske Supports the Military?

In addition to offering a military discount, Penske also has a few other programs in place to support the military community. 

Dedicated Call Center for U.S. Military Moves

Apart from offering a military discount on its truck rentals, Penske also offers a dedicated call center to help all military personnel and their families with their DIY-moving needs. 

That way, military personnel, and their families can receive guidance on how to pack and transport their items properly by calling their toll-free phone number (1-844-4TROOPS (1-844-487-6677)).

Mission: Able 

Penske has joined forces with Paralyzed Veterans of America to launch Mission: Able, an initiative geared towards providing aid to veterans dealing with disabilities. This program strives to ensure that those in the military who have been injured in service receive access to healthcare, productive job training/opportunities, and much-deserved benefits.

Through One-Way and Local Truck Rentals, Penske is gathering donations for Mission: Able. To join the campaign, head over to their website for all of the details about how you can donate today!

Other Ways to Save at Penske

Other Ways to Save at Penske

AAA members, students, car carriers, and other groups can also receive discounts on Penske rentals. Make sure to check out the Penske website for a full list of discounts, and be sure to ask the location you’re renting from if they have any additional promotions. 

Other Companies With Military Discounts

Penske isn’t the only company that offers a military discount. Other companies, like U-Haul, Budget Truck Rental, and Lowe’s, all offer special discounts on their products and services. 

To learn more about military discounts at other companies, check out our list below.

Enterprise Rental5% off the base rateAll current and retired federal employees of the U.S government, active-duty US military personnel, veterans, and reserves
Boot Barn10% offAll active-duty members, reservists, retirees, and veterans
Budget Truck Rentals20% offActive Duty, including Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.
Avis Car Rentals25% offActive Duty, veterans, Reservists, National Guard, and their families.


Penske’s military discount is just one of the many ways they support our troops. By booking your rental online and presenting a valid military or veteran ID at the Penske location, you can save 10% on your rental. If you need additional help with moving, Penske also offers a dedicated call center to help military personnel and their families with their DIY-moving needs. 

Make sure to take advantage of all the ways Penske supports the military community, and don’t forget to look for other discounts offered by companies. Who knows, you might be able to save even more! 

Thank you for your service!

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