A Comprehensive Guide to Other Stories Student Discounts

A Comprehensive Guide to Other Stories Student Discounts

Everyone loves a good student discount – and when it comes to shopping for fashionable items with style, Other Stories can be a great place to shop. But does this renowned store offer student discounts? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at whether or not you can get an Other Stories student discount and other insider tips. Read on to find out how you can save when shopping at Other Stories!

Other Stories Brief Overview 

& Other Stories is a fashion brand that offers a range of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and beauty products for women. The brand was launched in 2013 and is part of the H&M group, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company.

& Other Stories focuses on creating unique, high-quality, timeless, and on-trend designs. Their collections range from minimalist and classic to bohemian and eclectic, catering to a wide variety of styles and tastes.

In addition to their clothing and accessories, & Other Stories also offers a range of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, and fragrances. Their beauty products are designed to be both high-quality and affordable, using natural ingredients and innovative formulas.

& Other Stories has stores in major cities around the world, as well as an online store that ships to many countries.

Does Other Stories Offer Discounts for Students? 

Students who shop at & Other Stories can get a great discount! The store offers a 10% student discount on all purchases, no matter what you buy. This discount applies to clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, and more – so you can save big when you shop for all your fashion needs.

How to Claim Your Student Discount at Other Stories 

To claim the Other Stories student discount, visit https://secure.gocertify.me/at/other-stories/student and enter your school or university information to verify your eligibility. Once verified, you’ll receive a unique coupon code that can be used when shopping online or in-store to get 10% off your order.

More Ways to Save with Other Stories

Sign Up for the Newsletter

Subscribe to the & Other Stories newsletter and get 10% off your purchase! The newsletter offers exclusive access to discounts, new product releases, and styling tips. Plus, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and be one of the first to know when they launch a new collection.

The Last Chance Offer

& Other Stories has a Last Chance Offer that allows you to save up to 40% on select items. This offer is available online and in select stores, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

10% OFF Voucher for Recycling Your Clothes

& Other Stories also offers a 10% discount voucher when you recycle your clothes. Bring in your old clothing items (must be from & Other Stories) and get a 10% OFF voucher for your next purchase.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Keep an eye out for coupons and promo codes that you can use to save on your next purchase. Third-party websites offer access to discounts and promotions from & Other Stories, so be sure to check them regularly to get the best deal.


At & Other Stories, you can get a great student discount of 10% off all your purchases. Plus, there are other ways to save, like signing up for the newsletter, taking advantage of Last Chance Offers, and recycling your clothes. Be sure to check out third-party websites for additional coupons and promo codes so you can save even more on your next purchase. Shop smart and save big at & Other Stories!

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