Unlock Amazing Savings With NJ TRANSIT Senior Discounts

Unlock Amazing Savings With NJ TRANSIT Senior Discounts

If you’re a senior citizen, NJ TRANSIT offers amazing discounts on fares! This can save you a lot of money, so it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. In this blog post, we will explain everything you need to know about NJ TRANSIT’s senior discounts: who is eligible, how to apply and more. So whether you’re a senior citizen yourself or know someone who is, make sure to read on for all the details.

What Is NJ Transit? 

NJ TRANSIT is the public transportation system serving New Jersey, with bus routes, light rail services, and more. It’s a convenient way to get around, and it’s especially great for seniors who may not be able to drive or need a little extra assistance.

Can You Get Discounts as a Senior at NJ Transit?

Yes! NJ TRANSIT offers discounts to seniors.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Reduced Fare?

To be eligible for reduced fares on NJ TRANSIT, you must be at least 62 years of age and provide proof of your age. This can be done by showing a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID card with your date of birth.

How to Apply for the Reduced Fare Program?

How to Apply for the Reduced Fare Program at NJ TRANSIT

Senior citizens aged 65 and over are eligible for a reduced fare at all times and can obtain an unrestricted “REDUCED FARE ID” card.

Applying for an NJ TRANSIT “REDUCED FARE ID” card as a senior citizen is easy. You can fill out an application at most local banks or download the application online. You’ll need to provide proof of age and sign the application before submitting it. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive a REDUCED FARE ID card that can be used for discounted travel on NJ TRANSIT.

Seniors aged 62 to 64 are eligible for the restricted “REDUCED FARE ID” card. This card allows seniors to access discounted fares during non-peak hours. To apply, fill out the same application as above, and provide proof of age.

What Are the Reduced Fare Coupons and How to Obtain Them?

NJ TRANSIT also offers Reduced Fare coupons. These are valid for a single one-way ride on NJ TRANSIT at a discounted rate. You can get Reduced Fare coupon booklets at most local banks, savings and loan associations, or authorized state or county agencies. You must show a valid Medicare Card or a Reduced Fare/ID Card to get the booklet. 

Alternatively, you can contact the NJ TRANSIT Reduced Fare Office by phone or in writing.

Who Is Also Eligible for the Discounts?

In addition to senior citizens, NJ TRANSIT also offers discounts for people with disabilities, active military and retired personnel, and students.

Is There a NJ TRANSIT Reward Program?

Yes! NJ TRANSIT’s reward program allows you to earn points. Get points when you purchase tickets and passes through the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App! Redeem those points for offers at stores, restaurants, and attractions – it’s up to you when and how you use them.

Other Companies Offering Senior Discounts

Arby’s10% off55 years or above
Culver’s10% off 60 years+
Golden Corral10% off55 or older
McDonald’sVaries by location55 or older


So if you’re a senior citizen, NJ TRANSIT offers amazing discounts on fares that can help you save money! Make sure to take advantage of these discounts and enjoy savings on your next ride. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the NJ TRANSIT Reduced Fare Office.  Good luck and happy travels!

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