Kroger Store Hours For Seniors In 2024

Kroger store senior hours

The Covid-19 epidemic has managed to instill a sense of fear even while carrying out the basic daily tasks. People who are more prone to being infected by this virus – mainly senior citizens, are facing the struggles in the worst ways. Basic chores, such as shopping, have become scary for them. Considering that the chances of old citizens getting the virus are pretty high, Kroger decided to have senior hours dedicated to their shopping needs. So, this answers the question “Does Kroger have senior hours?”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), older people are much more likely to get infected with the coronavirus. The extent of damage on the bodies of a 70-year-old due to this virus is much more serious than on the body of a person in their mid-twenties. This is why the need for senior hours in stores, such as Kroger, becomes important.


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How Do Kroger’s Senior Hours Benefit?

There are several benefits of providing specific senior hours by stores, such as Kroger. Here are a few of them:

1. Decreasing The Rush

The coronavirus epidemic managed to cause a feeling of panic in almost every US citizen. Since many facilities were closed whenever the cases hiked, people were always in a rush when in the market.

However, the older citizens face a huge disadvantage in this scenario. Amidst the rush, they try to safeguard themselves in the crowd so that they do not end up catching the virus. This is why they are not able to shop with ease. Having a specific time slot as Kroger senior citizen hours for vulnerable groups in the US is beneficial for saving them from the rush.

2. Safeguarding The Vulnerable Group

Shopping is something every citizen must do. However, the risks of being exposed to the coronavirus are high in such public spaces. Since all kinds of people come to shop in stores, older citizens are exposed to the risks of getting infected. This is why stores, such as Kroger, came up with the concept of senior hours. With more than 54 million people being 65 years old or more in the age in the United States, it is essential to safeguard the health of the older folks.

Where Can We Avail Of The Service Of Kroger Senior Citizens Hours?

Many branches of Kroger have dedicated senior hours for the vulnerable groups in the United States. This includes pregnant women and immunity-deficient people too. Here is a list of a few places where people can find Kroger stores through the mid-Atlantic region hosting senior hours:

  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Ohio
Kroger Store Hours For Seniors FAQs


1. What Is The Age For Senior Hours?

Anyone of the age 60 or above can come and shop in Kroger in the senior hours.

2. When Is Kroger Open?

Kroger is open from 7 am to 10 pm. However, according to the region and festivals, the timings of the working hours might vary.

3. Does Kroger Still Have Senior Hours?

Yes, the Morning of 7 AM is to 8 AM is dedicated exclusively to senior hours.

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