Save up to 22% On Your Next Getaway With Kalahari Military Discount

Save up to 22% On Your Next Getaway With Kalahari Military Discount

Are you a military member planning a getaway but don’t want to spend a fortune? Kalahari Resorts and Conventions got you covered! You can save big on your next getaway with a Kalahari military discount called Kalahari Salutes! In this blog post, we’ll explore included in this special offer and how can you take advantage of it. So, read on to learn more!

What Is Kalahari Military Discount?

Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is proud to offer a special military discount called Kalahari Salutes. With this discount, you can save up to 22% on an overnight stay at one of Kalahari’s locations, plus enjoy free admission to Kalahari’s renowned water parks. 

Does Kalahari Military Discount Include Specials?

Yes! Kalahari Salutes does include access to Kalahari’s exclusive Specials – Enhance the Fun Add-Ons, Eats & Treats, and Kalahari Swag. You can upgrade your stay by adding these packages at a discounted price or changing them during your stay. 

Note that Kalahari has a limited number of Specials available per date, so it is best to contact Kalahari’s customer support and inquire about the exact details. 

Do All Kalahari Locations Offer a Military Discount?

Yes! You can enjoy Kalahari Salutes at all Kalahari Resort locations, including

  • Pocono Mountains, PA
  • Round Rock, TX
  • Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • Sandusky, OH

If you need help with finding the exact location of the Kalahari resort next to you, just visit Kalahari’s website, choose your city, and scroll to the very bottom of the page. There, you will find a “directions” button. Click on it to see a respective google map and directions to the Kalahari Resort near you. 

Who Is Eligible for the Kalahari Military Discount?

Who Is Eligible for the Kalahari Military Discount

Kalahari salutes to all people serving and those who have served our country. That is why the Kalahari military discount is available not only to military personnel, whether currently serving in any branch of the US military (active, reserve, or retired), but also to firefighters, EMTs, and police. 

Provided all the eligible members have a valid government-issued ID, Kalahari allows them to reserve their stay at a special rate and gives one room or suite per their ID. 

How to Get the Kalahari Military Discount?

There are two ways to get Kalahari Salutes: by phone or online.

If you’d rather make your Kalahari reservation over the phone, just call 1-877-KALAHARI and inquire about the military discount. Kalahari’s agents will be able to bring you up to speed on all the available dates and book you in at the Kalahari Salutes rate. 

Alternatively, you can always book your vacation online. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Kalahari’s official website and choose your desired location.
  • Hover over the “Special Offers” section and click “Overnight Packages & Specials.”
  • Scroll down the page, find the “Kalahari Salutes” offer, and click “See Details.”
  • Then, click “Book Now” to start your reservation.

On the reservation page, you will be able to see all available dates, rooms, and offers. The discount will already be applied, so you don’t need to worry about that. Choose the one you like most and proceed to enter the guest details.

Since Kalahari requires a first-night room deposit at the time of the reservation, you will need to add a valid payment method. Kalahari accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. 

Once you confirm your Kalahari Salutes reservation, Kalahari will send you a confirmation email with all the details of your stay. All you have to do left is pack your bags, show up at Kalahari on the selected date, present a valid military ID, and enjoy your special Kalahari Salutes discount! 

How Many Rooms Can I Book?

Kalahari Salutes allows you to book one room or suite per valid military ID. 

Are Guest Fees Included?

Kalahari Salutes does not cover any additional guest fees. This offer only applies to the room or suite rate. So, if you decide to upgrade your room, you will be subject to upgrading fees for each night you stay. 

Can I Combine the Kalahari Military Discount with Other Offers?

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Kalahari Salutes cannot be combined with any other Kalahari specials, packages, vouchers, or discounts. So if you want to make sure you get the Kalahari Salutes rate, make sure to check all the details and information before finalizing your reservation. 

What If I Need to Leave Early?

What If I Need to Leave Kalahari  Early

As stated in Kahlahari’s discount policy, you must stay all night in order to receive Kalahari Salutes discount and amenities. Kalahari reserves the right to charge regular prices if you decide to leave before your check-out date. 

What Are the Restrictions?

Well, you should keep a few things in mind before applying for the Kalahari military discounts.

First of all, Kalahari Salutes applies to new reservations only and is valid for one room per military ID. Therefore, if you have already made a reservation, Kalahari will not issue any refunds or discounts. 

Secondly, Kalahari offers are also subject to availability, so make sure you check Kalahari’s official website or call Kalahari directly for current availability. Certain dates may not be eligible for a discount, so it’s best to check ahead.

Lastly, Kalahari reserves the right to reject any Kalahari Salutes discount application without prior notice. So, before booking a room for Kalahari Salutes, make sure that you are eligible and have all the necessary documents in hand. 

More Military Discounts

While it’s true that Kalahari offers a generous military discount, there are also plenty of other deals available for active-duty and retired military personnel. Have a look at our list of military discounts for more information. Maybe you’ll find a great offer that’s perfect for your next getaway! 

SamsungUp to 30-40% offActive duty and retired military personnel, veterans, reservists, and military spouses.
Boscov’sUp to 15% offActive duty and retired military personnel, military spouses, NOAA, and USPHS 
Columbia10% offActive duty and retired military personnel, veterans, reservists, military family members
Hilton 2-10% offActive duty and retired military personnel, military spouses, and family members


We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding Kalahari’s military discount policy. Kalahari Salutes is a great way for active and retired service members to save money on their stays. So make sure you consider this offer if you’re eligible. It’s not often that Kalahari offers such generous discounts! 

Thank you for your service!

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