Is There a Target Senior Discount Day?

Is there a Target senior discount day

So, the question you are looking at is “Does Target give a senior discount?” The answer is NO. There is also no Target senior discount age as such. But let’s know a bit about the company and its other lucrative offers seniors customers can take advantage of.

Target is an American department store where you can explore a range of products from groceries and home décor to electronics and clothes and more. To enhance the shopping experience, the company offers several schemes and weekly deals. However, many seniors want to know, “Does Target offer a senior discount?” or “Does Target have a senior discount day?” Even though the answer to this question is NO, you must not be disappointed. Well, the fact is that Target offers special deals for everyone, including seniors.

In other words, no Target senior discount is offered at present, but you will come across some other ways to save right here. Even though you will not come across senior discounts at Target, you’ll find these guidelines to be extremely valuable.

Tips on How to Save Money With Target In 2022

Tips on How to Save Money with Target

In case you are in the habit of shopping at Target quite frequently, it must be known to you that it will be possible for you to save money on any item you purchase. Even though there is no Target senior citizen discount, this retail giant has turned out to be a low-price hub with over 1,700 outlets across the country.

Although you will not come across any Target senior discount policy, here we have mentioned some simple solutions which will help you to save money with Target.

Get Target Red Card

While there are no Target senior discount codes or days, by becoming a member of the Target Red Card club, you can avail of an additional 5% on your purchase.

Check for the Price Match

It might be the fact that you purchased an item at Target only to find that it has gone on sale after a few days. Despite not having a senior discount at Target, make it a point to approach the Target store to ask for a price match. However, be informed that this facility is available only on the products available from selected stores.

Lookout for Holidays

Even though there is no Target senior citizen discount day, make sure to look out for holidays before purchasing any item. The reason for this is that although you might be required to pay the full price for the products before the holidays, the price will go down drastically after the holiday is over. Even though there are no Target senior discount days, you will be surprised to find that the price of most items will drop by 50% one day after the holiday. This will drop by 70% after one week following the holiday and by even 90% after several days following that. This implies that you will be getting the items practically for free even though you will not come across any Target senior discount online.

Check Out the Deals Section

Target senior discount might not be available, but the company does have weekly deals and top deals every day. You can check their deal section tab to know more about it.

Target Discounts FAQs


  1. What Is Target Employee Discount?

The Target employee discount happens to be 10% irrespective of whether they purchase at the physical stores or online. Unlike senior discounts at Walgreens, you will not come across any senior citizen discount at Target stores.

  1. Which Other Brands Offer or Don’t Offer Senior Discounts?

In case you are thinking about “does Xfinity have a senior discount” then we like to inform you that like no Target senior discount day in 2022, there is no senior discount offered by Xfinity as well. Apart from that, you can benefit from Goodwill senior discount day, which takes place on the second Monday of every month.

  1. Do Students Get Discounts At Target?

Yes, the company is known to offer a discount of 15% for the students.


If you want to enjoy shopping at Target stores, look for their special deals and discount coupons, as senior citizen discount at Target stores does not exist.

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