How to Get a Military Discount at Scheels in 2022?

How to get a military discount at Scheels

If you serve in the military and need to purchase outdoor gear. Then you’ve probably wondered, “Does Scheels offer military discount?” The quick answer is no. Sadly, there is no active deal for military personnel right now.
However, Scheels does offer military discounts every year. So, be on the lookout for that time of the year when they do. You will probably catch a great deal on your purchases then.
But, for now, you can grab Scheels items at discounted prices using these methods.

5 Tips to Save Money With Scheels

While there is currently no Scheels military discount code available, you can still save a lot of money when you shop at Scheels. Here are 5 money-saving tips to get cheaper stuff for your upcoming outdoor adventures.

  1. Hit the ‘SHOP ALL SALE’ button found on the Scheels website. You can get 25% up to 40% discount on selected items and variants in their shop. Even items on sale are guaranteed to be satisfactory. So, check out their stuff before they run out of stock.
  2. Follow Scheels on their social media accounts. The brand is known to regularly give out promos that are exclusive to their social media followers. So, don’t forget to visit their page and hit the follow button on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
  3. Search for promo codes on the internet. You can check Choice Senior Life from time to time for any Scheels military discount or other amazing deals in the future.
  4. Visit another e-commerce website for exclusive deals. Online shopping sites like Amazon offer Veterans Day discounts on their page. Check out Scheels’ online retail shop on Amazon to see if the discounts are applicable on their items. You can get up to a 20% discount this way.
  5. Check eBay for pre-owned Scheels products. If you don’t mind wearing pre-loved clothing, then here’s a great tip for you. Buy cheap second-hand Scheels items off of eBay. You can even get additional discounts when you enter promo codes there.
Scheels Military Discount FAQs


  1. Does Scheels Have a Military Discount For Veterans?

Sad to say, but no, there are currently no discounts for veterans.

However, do check out their website and social media and also Amazon when Veterans Day nears. They might offer special discounts to commemorate our heroes.

  1. Does Scheels Give a Student Discount?

Unfortunately, there are no student discounts available right now. But, you can browse through their items on sale for great finds at awesome prices.

  1. What is the Employee Discount at Scheels?

Full-time Scheels employees all rave about having the best employee discount ever. They can buy products Scheels carries at the product cost, with no additional charges. 

Their part-time employees also get a good deal with just having to pay item cost + 8%. This still puts the prices at very cheap rates. 

So, employees can clothe themselves and their families in top-notch quality items at affordable prices.

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