How Much Is The Senior Discount Harris Teeter?

Harris Teeter senior discount

Harris Teeter was founded by two individuals, namely Willis Teeter and W.T. Harris, in the year 1960. It can boast of operating more than 250 outlets in the District of Columbia, as well as in seven states. Having its headquarters in North Carolina, this company happens to be a friendly pharmacy and food chain. Apart from groceries and fresh produce, Harris Teeter provides several ways for saving on gas having their fuel center locations in Florida, Delaware, North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, plus Virginia.

Now, the question might arise in your mind, does Harris Teeter have a senior discount? And if so, then how much is the senior discount Harris Teeter? Well, it will be good to know that this company provides a senior discount as well as Harris Teeter senior discount code for express lane. Harris Teeter is aware of the fact that only a limited amount of money is available to the seniors at present. The company has been quite considerate towards elderly individuals since money matters a lot to them.

The company has launched the Harris Teeter senior discount coupon for the benefit of the seniors. This discount coupon comes with a number of benefits, which we have discussed in this article.

The company is interested in providing comfort and convenience to senior shoppers. In this way, it will be feasible for elderly individuals to remain protected and safe while purchasing groceries. They will be able to purchase the items while enjoying a discount of 5% from the company, and this can provide them with huge relief in the long run. Besides offering the lucrative Harris Teeter senior discount, this company likewise provides a couple of senior shopping hours for senior citizens every Thursday and Monday in response to the pandemic situation. The timings will be between 6 AM and 8 AM.

Apart from this, there is also the ExpressLane Online Shopping pick-up option between 9 AM and 2 PM on Thursdays for the senior shoppers. Moreover, there is no need for the seniors to pay any fee of $4.95 during Covid times. Thursdays are considered to be Harris Teeter senior citizen discount days since it will be possible for the seniors to benefit from this 5% discount on Thursdays. It will be feasible for other shoppers to perform their shopping during the senior hours as well.

What’s Harris Teeter Senior Discount Policy?

What’s Harris Teeter Senior Discount Policy

As per Harris Teeter Senior Discount Policy, senior members of the community can purchase groceries at a 5% discount every time. This discount will be available for senior citizens every Thursday, while the discount age happens to be more than 60 years. Apart from this, it will be also imperative for the senior shoppers to have a VIC card for taking advantage of the various deals and incentives.

  1. It will be imperative for all the coupons to be original and there should not be any photocopy whatsoever.
  2. Only a single paper coupon will be accepted by them for every purchased item.
  3. A restriction of one manufacturer coupon for every purchased item is in place.
  4. The company will not accept any coupon which has been saved to mobile gadgets.
  5. According to senior discount Harris Teeter policy, one has to present the coupons while purchasing items.
  6. It will be essential to redeem the coupons prior to the expiration date.
  7. They will only accept coupons that are of equal or more value. No cash will be given back.
  8. No refunds will be provided for coupons that are not utilized at the time of purchase.
  9. It is possible for the coupon policies to change without any prior notice.

How Do You Claim a Senior Discount at Harris Teeter?

It will be imperative to claim the coupon for the senior discount at Harris Teeter to take advantage of it. Foremost, you must prove that you are a senior citizen by verifying your status. It will be imperative to submit a document provided by the government for getting the Harris Teeter senior discount, and it must have details, such as date of birth, name, it can be birth certification, and state-issued ID or passport.

It will be possible to use any photo identity card, such as a green card, driving license, passport, and so forth. You will be capable of taking advantage of the senior discounts once the verification process is complete. However, make sure that the Harris Teeter senior discount age happens to be more than 60 years while the Harris Teeter senior discount day happens to be Thursday.


Harris Teeter Senior Discount FAQs
  1. Does Harris Teeter Offer a Student Discount?

It is a fact that Harris Teeter provides a lucrative discount for college students, but one must possess valid student IDs to make use of these discounts. It will be essential for the college students to register personally at the customer service desk to get this discount. The students will receive a discount of 5% while making use of their student cards.

Here, we also would like to mention that it will be possible to get Christopher and Danks senior discount just like Harris Teeter senior discount.

  1. Does Harris Teeter Do Military Discounts?

Harris Teeter is known to provide a military discount every year on Veterans Day. However, there will be a variation in the exact amount of this particular discount every year.

However, one does not receive any senior discount at Texas Roadhouse, unlike Harris Teeter.

  1. Does Harris Teeter Offer a Veteran Discount

Just like senior discount Michaels, Harris Teeter likewise provides a veteran discount of 5% every Thursday.

  1. Can I Get an Employee Discount on Harris Teeter?

Yes, it is a fact that an employee discount is offered by Harris Teeter at present. It will be possible to come across this kind of employee discount very easily in case you stick to some proper steps. For this, you might be required to go to, or you may also come in touch with their service people, whichever you think best. Moreover, check their Twitter and Facebook posts to come across the most recent information regarding the employee discount.

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