How Much Is A USA Today Subscription Senior Discount?

How much is a USA today subscription senior discount

You are on this page probably because you want to know whether there is a USA Today senior discount. Before that, here is a brief about the USA today!

USA Today is counted as one of America’s leading daily middle-market newspapers, considering its huge circulation volume. This news broadcasting company founded by Al Neuharth came into the daily print news business in 1982. It holds a digital subscriber base of 504,000 online readers and a weekly print circulation accounting of 726,906. USA Today is printed across 37 locations in the US to serve a daily readership base of 2.6 million.

With its Gannett’s corporate headquarters located in Tysons, Virginia, USA Today reflects the spirit of America in style and national and regional news for its readers. Within around 40 years, USA Today distribution has expanded to 50 states, including D.C., Washington, and Puerto Rico. USA Today international edition has a predominant market beyond the US in Europe, Canada, Asia, and Pacific Islands.

USA Today offers exclusive subscription offers, but is there a USA Today subscription senior discount?  It is the big question here. The company extends its concern and humble acknowledgment toward senior citizens. It takes a warm initiative by introducing exclusive subscription benefits and discounts for seniors to save and minimize their financial burdens. However, the company doesn’t provide any official senior discount.

USA Today subscription senior discount policy

USA Today Subscription Senior Discount Policy

Big brands and companies are coming forward to help seniors save on their expenses with several senior discount schemes.

USA TODAY specifically does not promote or offer any USA Today senior discount. However, it has opened too many opportunities for regular readers and subscribers to save. If you are a new reader of USA Today, you can readily avail a new subscription at subsidized rates. This applies even to seniors, who can get the initial two months of subscription completely free. Proceeding the first two months, all you need to pay is $9.99/month, at a subsidized rate. Besides, at any point in time, you may discontinue the subscription.

USA Today is the leading print news company with maximum circulation throughout the USA. The happening subscription offers, and discounted rates for a digital subscription, are lucrative for new as well as existing readers. For example:

  1.  The Ad-Free + is a unique program for digital readers who can avail of digital All Access only for $7.99/month for the first three months. After that, the access to digital reading can be availed only at $12.99/month.
  2. Combo subscription plan – There is also a combo subscription plan for families who avail of both print subscriptions and digital. Under this plan, Print Delivery and digital All Access can be subscribed together at only $9.99/month for the first 6 months, after which the subscription rates will be $29/month.
What is senior discount age for USA Today subscription

What Is Senior Discount Age for USA Today Subscription?

Unfortunately, there is no USA Today subscription senior discount as mentioned earlier. Therefore, all readers, including seniors, can avail themselves of the benefits of discount subscription plans offered by the company. These are beneficial as well for both print issue readers and digital subscribers. You can check out their website for the latest subscription offers and deals.


How Can I Get USA Today for Free?

Currently, there are two existing plans, which offer USA Today free for the first month of subscription. After the first month, you need to pay at a slashed-off or reduced rate. The plans which can help you to acquire the USA Today reading for free in the first months are:

  • Digital All Access -First Month Free
  • Ad-Free + Digital All Access – First Month Free

What Is the Monthly Rate of USA Today?

The monthly rates differ with different plans of subscriptions offered by USA Today. Each plan is designed specifically to help different types of readers. However, undoubtedly all types of readers can use these plans. The following are the most popular plans crafted by USA Today.

  • Digital All Access – As per this plan, the first month after subscription, the reader does not need to pay, for the first month is free. Then the reader needs to pay $9.99/month, which is also a reduced rate compared to reading USA Today without a subscription.
  • Ad-Free + Digital All Access – Though not USA Today subscription senior discount, this is an advantageous plan for digital readers who can enjoy reading USA Today without ads for free in the first month of subscription. Once the First Month Free period is over, the reader needs to pay $12.99/month.
  • Home Delivery + Digital All Access is designed for readers and families, with both types of readers preferring print news and digital. However, under this plan, the reader does not get a free reading month. But of course, the rates are reduced, so you need to pay $9.99/month for the first 3 months of subscription, after which the rate will stand at $29.25/month.

Does USA Today Require Subscription?

USA TODAY is always free; however, you cannot avail yourself of access to select stories that are part of USA Today’s premium experience in the free reading.

Does USA Today Have a Paywall?

Yes, USA Today does have a paywall. However, only some of its digital content is behind a paywall, as announced by the company itself.

What Are the Similar Companies Offering Senior Discounts?

Similar to USA Today, even New York Times subscription senior discount with home delivery is not a regular plan. However, readers can always avail regular subscription offers and discounted rates. Again, one can avail of WSJ subscriptions at $99 with discounts since the company does not offer any corporate policy for Wall Street Journal senior discount. However, Amtrak senior travelers can enjoy a senior discount Amtrak, a 10% discount on most traveler tickets on Amtrak rail services. 

To conclude, even though USA Today does not promote USA Today’s subscription senior discount, its regular and premium subscription plans make up for it, even for senior citizens.

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