How Much is a Military Discount at Toyota in 2022?

How much is a military discount at Toyota

The latest Toyota military discount comes in the form of a $500 rebate toward lease and financing contracts on brand-new Toyota vehicles.
If you qualify, the $500 is applied toward a down payment in finance contracts and will be used to reduce the amount due in lease contracts.

Toyota Military Discount Policy

Participating Toyota Dealers and Toyota financing entities honor the Toyota military discount 2022. This current military discount Toyota runs is valid only from July 6, 2022, up to October 3, 2022.

This list of requirements is what you need to have for you to enjoy a Toyota service military discount:

  1. Applicants for the military rebate must have one of the following qualifications:
  • Be under active duty in the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, and active Reserve.
  • Be enlisted as a US military Ready Reserve or Inactive National Guard.
  • Be a retiree of the US military or a US military veteran who has been active within 2 years of discharge.
  • Be a household member of any of the above eligible US military personnel.
  • Be a Gold Star family member.
  1. You must present your Military ID or a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), or a DD From 214 to the Toyota dealer or financer.
  2. You must provide proof that you receive sufficient income to cover payments for a new Toyota vehicle and still provide for everyday living expenses.
  3. Get credit approval from a participating Toyota dealer or a Toyota financing entity. Note that not all applicants will be approved.
Toyota Military Discount FAQs


  1. Does Toyota Offer a Military Discount Deal for Veterans?

As discussed earlier, being a US veteran within 2 years upon discharge from active duty qualifies you for a veteran discount at Toyota.

If you are a US veteran who is enjoying your retired life, visit the Choce Senior Life site for great deals in your twilight years.

  1. Does Toyota Offer a Military Discount in Canada?

Yes, they do. Participating Toyota dealerships in Canada may give you a military discount if you or your spouse is an active or retired Canadian military personnel.

These Toyota dealerships offer a $500 military discount applied toward purchasing a new sedan, SUV, or pickup truck.

  1. Does Toyota Give a First Responder Discount?

Yes, they do! Participating Toyota dealers offer local first responders a $500 rebate toward any brand new or used Toyota vehicle under a lease or a financing contract. First responders should provide a valid first responder ID and proof of employment to avail of the $500 discount.

  1. Is There a Toyota Military Discount Service Center I Can Visit?

All inquiries and applications for a military discount at Toyota can be submitted to any participating Toyota dealerships within the United States.

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