Get a Special Travel Deal with Expedia Military Discount

Get a Special Travel Deal with Expedia Military Discount

Expedia is a leading online travel company that offers customers great deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, and more. That makes Expedia one of the most popular choices among military personnel looking to save money on their travel plans. But does Expedia offer special military discounts or deals? Luckily, we got the answer. So, read on to learn more about what Expedia has in store for those who serve our country!

Is There an Expedia Military Discount?

Technically, Expedia does have a special military discount in the form of special travel deals. These usually include discounts on hotel stays, flights, car rentals, or other promotions for military personnel and their families.

However, these special deals are usually there only for a limited time. That said, as of now, Expedia does not currently have an exclusive military discount. That much is stated directly on their military discount page

However, that doesn’t mean Expedia won’t offer any special deals in the future. If you want to benefit from Expedia’s special military deals, you will have to keep an eye out for the deals they offer on their website. 

But if you’re looking for ways to save now, we suggest you keep reading as we’ll explore some of Expedia’s best offers below. 

Other Ways to Save with Expedia

Although special military deals are off the table right now, Expedia does have plenty of other sweet deals available to everyone, which may be just as beneficial, if not more so, for military personnel. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

Alternative Offers

Expedia currently has dozens of travel deals available, some of which include offers that allow you to save up to 60% on flights and hotels. Plus, many of those are fully refundable options should you need to cancel your trip. 

You can find those deals right on Expedia’s “Military Offers” page. Just scroll down a bit and find some of the available options, including packages that could save you even more money. Expedia designed this section as an alternative to the Expedia military discount, but it’s definitely worth checking out! 


On the official “Deals” page, Expedia has separate sections called “Last-minute hotel deals,” “Hotels under $99”, and “Packages under $499.” With these deals, Expedia lets you save up to 75% on travel expenses. Plus, it’s easy to find a great hotel for your stay and on your budget.

You can also check out Expedia’s page for vacation packages, which may include discounts on rental cars or hotel stays when you book multiple items. 

Expedia Rewards

Expedia Rewards

Of course, Expedia also has its rewards program, which can help you save money both instantly and in the long run. 

You must have already seen the label “Member Price Available” on some of the offers Expedia displays on its website. That is a special perk called “Member Prices,” reserved only for those who sign up for Expedia Rewards. You can get access to it once you enroll in the program. Plus, it’s completely free to join Expedia Rewards, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up! 

Once enrolled in Expedia rewards, you will get access to Expedia Member Prices, as we mentioned. This will allow you to save an extra 10% or more on select hotels every time you book. 

Plus, by collecting special Trip Elements, you will be able to access premium benefits on the Expedia Rewards tier.

Lastly, Expedia will reward you with points on every eligible booking. Once you’ve collected enough points, Expedia will convert them into dollars, which you can use to save on your next trips. 

Considering all these perks Expedia Rewards has to offer, we definitely recommend signing up if you plan on traveling with Expedia in the future. 

Expedia App

Using Expedia’s app can get you even more savings. Expedia has made it possible for its customers to save up to 25% on select hotels when they book through the Expedia app. Plus, Expedia will reward you with double the points when you book with the app! 

We definitely recommend downloading Expedia’s mobile app if you want to get the most bang for your buck. 

Discount codes

On top of all of Expedia’s offers, you can also save more using Expedia discount codes. There’s a special field on Expedia’s website where you can paste Expedia coupons or Expedia promotional codes when booking. This will unlock even more savings on flights and hotel stays.

There are plenty of third-party websites that provide Expedia discount codes and other coupons. So, make sure to check Expedia’s promotions page or look for Expedia coupon codes online before booking your next trip. 

Military Discounts from Other Companies

It’s not just Expedia that offers discounts for military personnel. There are plenty of other companies out there, such as car rental firms, restaurants, and hotels, that offer military discounts. 

These vary from company to company, so it’s best to research before booking. Luckily, we already did that for you. So, check out our own list of military discounts from different companies below if you’re interested.

ASICS40% offActive duty and retired military personnel, veterans, reservists, and military family members
Avis Car Rentals25% offActive duty and retired military personnel, veterans, reservists, and military family members
Carhartt25% offActive and retired US military personnel, veterans, reservists, and military family members
Budget Truck Rentals20% offActive duty military personnel
Hilton 2-10% offActive duty and retired military personnel, military spouses, and family members


We hope this Expedia military discount guide was helpful in planning your next trip. Overall, Expedia offers plenty of options to save big on your next trip and get an amazing vacation experience. Expedia has the perfect solution for pretty much everyone. So, don’t hesitate to explore all the options. 

Thank you for reading! Thank you for your service!

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