Everything About Delta Airlines Senior Discount Policy In 2023

Everything About Delta Airlines Senior Discount Policy

If you are a senior and looking for a senior discount at Delta Airlines, this article is for you. Here you will learn everything about Delta Airlines senior discounts and ways to save money. 

You will also learn about other airlines that offer senior discounts. Keep reading to learn more!

Delta Airlines Senior Discount Policy In 2023

Delta Airlines offers a Senior Discount Program for customers aged 65 and over. The program provides discounts on travel within the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Mexico, and select international destinations. 

The discounts may be used by bookings made on Delta’s website, through the Delta Reservations Center, or through a travel agent.

How Much Is Delta Airlines Senior Discount?

The discount amount will depend on the fare and destination but could be up to 20%. In addition, Delta Airlines also offers additional discounts for seniors on select fares, including upgrade discounts and special international fare discounts.

It is important to note that you must present appropriate proof of age when booking a flight with Delta Airlines in order to receive the senior discount. The type of documentation required by Delta Airlines must be an official, government-issued ID card that clearly states the birthdate or age of the traveler. Examples of acceptable IDs include driver’s licenses, passports, and state-issued IDs.

How to Get a Senior Discount at Delta Airlines?

How to Get a Senior Discount at Delta Airlines

In order to receive the senior discount, customers must book their flight through Delta Airlines’ website or call the Delta Reservations Center. When booking a flight, customers must select the “Senior Discount” option when prompted and present their appropriate proof of age at check-in.

There are limited seats available on each flight, and the senior discount will not be valid for flights that are sold out. For the best chance of securing a discounted ticket, customers are encouraged to book their flights in advance.

Other Ways to Save at Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines offers several ways to save money on your flights. Here are some options:

  • Sign up for Delta SkyMiles: Delta’s frequent flier program is free to join and allows you to earn miles every time you fly with Delta or its partners. You can redeem these miles for future flights or other rewards.
  • Use Delta’s Low Fare Calendar: Delta’s website features a Low Fare Calendar that shows the lowest available fares for your desired travel dates. This tool can help you find the cheapest flights and save money on your trip.
  • Book your flight in advance: Delta typically offers lower fares if you book your flight several weeks or months in advance. Keep an eye on prices and book as soon as you find a good deal.
  • Look for Delta’s flash sales and special deals: Delta regularly offers flash sales and special deals on flights to various destinations. Keep an eye on Delta’s website or social media channels to stay up-to-date on these offers.

What Other Airlines Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Many airlines offer senior discounts to customers who are 65 years or older. Here are some of the major airlines that offer senior discounts:


Delta Airlines offers a variety of benefits for senior travelers, including discounted fares, upgrade discounts, and special international fare discounts. 

The airline also offers its own loyalty program, SkyMiles, which allows seniors to earn rewards and use them towards future flights. Additionally, Delta Airlines offers a Low Fare Calendar that helps seniors find the cheapest flights available, and they regularly offer flash sales and special deals on flights. 

All these benefits make Delta Airlines an excellent choice for senior travelers.

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