Healthy Foods to Keep Seniors Energized (You Are What You Eat!)

As we age, our body undergoes several changes that can lead to a decrease in energy levels. One way to combat this is through a healthy diet that includes foods that provide the nutrients and energy needed to keep seniors feeling their best. In this article, we will explore five healthy food options that can help keep seniors energized. Stay tuned! Read more

The Truth Behind a Vegan Diet: Do Vegans Age Faster?

Have you ever wondered if a vegan diet can make you age faster? Many people believe that since vegetarians do not consume animal products like meat and dairy, they must be aging more rapidly than those who follow an omnivorous diet. But is there any truth to the notion that vegans age faster? In this article, we’ll explore the facts behind this hotly debated topic. Read more

How Far Should a 65-Year-Old Walk Every Day?

Are you a senior and interested in walking? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of walking for seniors, the recommended walking distance for 65-year-old seniors, and tips for making walking more enjoyable. Read more

How Long Does It Take to Walk 2 Miles? Get Moving for Good Health

One of the most accessible and beneficial activities that seniors can do to improve their overall health and well-being is to simply go for a walk. Walking two miles a day on a regular basis can provide a range of positive benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health and stronger muscles, as well as potentially reducing risks of more severe conditions like diabetes or heart disease. This article will explore how long it takes to walk two miles, what elements can impact that time frame and the potential advantages of walking two miles for seniors. Read more

Is Alzheimer’s Covered by Insurance

Anyone that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia will have a difficult time finding and securing life insurance. Because of this, they won’t be able to obtain a traditional policy. In addition, time becomes a critical factor because the disease will begin to insidiously affect the mental capacities of the applicant. Read more