Best Senior Discount Offers in Missouri

  1. Arby’s has a 10% discount available for senior citizens age 55+ in Missouri (please contact your local Arby’s directly to verify this senior discount)
  2. Captain D’s Seafood has a discount available for senior citizens age 62+ in Missouri (please contact your local Captain D’s Seafood directly to verify this senior discount)
  3. CiCi’s Pizza has a 10% senior citizen discount for seniors 60+ in Missouri (please contact your local CiCi’s Pizza directly to verify this senior discount)
  4. Denny’s has a 10% senior citizen discount for seniors 55+ in Missouri (please contact your local Denny’s directly to verify this senior discount)
  5. Long John Silver’s has a discount available for seniors 55+ in Missouri (please contact your local Long John Silver’s directly to verify this senior discount)

Missouri is a great place to retire. With its temperate climate, beautiful countryside, and vibrant cities, it’s no wonder that many seniors call the Show Me State home. But life can be expensive for those on a fixed income – which is why taking advantage of senior discounts can help make life more affordable. So if you’re a senior living in Missouri, what kinds of discounts are available? Read on to find out!


Missouri’s public transportation system is a great way for seniors to get around. In Missouri, seniors aged 65 and older may be eligible for reduced fares on local public transportation. 

For example, in St. Louis, the Metro transit system offers a 50% discount on local buses and light rail to seniors with an ID. Kansas City’s Regional Transit Authority offers a discounted pass for seniors, and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority provides reduced fares on its commuter buses.

Amtrak also offers 15% discounts to seniors aged 65 and up on most of their train fares. And members of AARP can get discounts on car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis, and Budget.

Each city and county sets its own policies and discounts, so it’s important to contact your local transportation authority for details. Either way, it is almost guaranteed that seniors will be able to find a discount on public transportation. 

Dining Out

Missouri is home to some of the best dining experiences in the Midwest. From traditional BBQ dishes in St. Louis to Kansas City’s famous steak houses, there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you’re a senior living in Missouri, many restaurants offer discounted meals.

For instance, restaurants such as Country Kitchen Restaurants in Warrensburg and Zadock’s Restaurant in Troy offer a discounted senior menu. This is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank.

Nationwide restaurant chains like Denny’s, Olive Garden, and Golden Corral also offer discounts – typically 10% off or a free beverage. In addition, many Waffle Houses offer 10% off for seniors. Chili’s might offer a 10% discount and free chips and salsa or a non-alcoholic beverage. 

However, since chains are often franchises, there might not be a written policy, but a manager may offer the discount at their discretion. Therefore, it’s always best to ask about specific discounts when dining out. 

Entertainment and Activities

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In Missouri, there are plenty of activities geared toward seniors. 

For example, many movie theaters offer discounted tickets for seniors on certain days. This includes both popular movie theater chains, such as AMC and Regal Theaters, and locally-owned theaters. 

Seniors can also get discounted admission to most of Missouri’s museums. For example, admission to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and National Frontier Trails Museum is discounted for seniors over 62. 

If you’re looking for a more active outing, many golf courses offer discounts for seniors. This can range from 10% off green fees to discounted memberships. Examples include Eagle Springs Golf Course in St. Louis, Tanglewood Golf Course in Fulton, and Shoal Creek Golf Course in Kansas City.


Shopping trips can also be more affordable for seniors living in Missouri. Many department stores, such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JCPenney, offer discounts for seniors on certain days. 

In addition, many stores and pharmacies, such as Walgreens and Rite Aid, offer a senior discount program. This includes discounts on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Other stores with senior discounts include Michaels and Tractor Supply Co.


Missouri also offers discounts on lodging for seniors. Hotels such as Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Best Western Hotels & Resorts offer discounted rates to seniors aged 62 and up. You can also find senior-friendly accommodations through Airbnb, where hosts may offer a 5-10% off rate for seniors. 

There are even discounts for RV and camping sites, like the Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, which offer a discount on rates. 

Plus, if you’re booking online, it’s a good idea to check for additional discounts, as many websites offer senior rates.

Overall, there are many discounts for seniors living in Missouri. Whether you’re looking for a discounted meal, an outing to the movies, or a place to stay, it pays to ask about senior discounts. Doing so can help you make the most of your retirement in Missouri. 

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