Сhipotle Military Discount: You Asked, We Answered

Сhipotle Military Discount: You Asked, We Answered

Chipotle Mexican Grill is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain known for its tasty burritos, tacos, and other dishes made with fresh ingredients. Founded in 1993 by Steve Ells in Denver, Colorado, Сhipotle has expanded to over 2000 locations around the world. With such a big presence in the food industry, many people wonder if Сhipotle cherishes our military members by offering a Сhipotle military discount. Luckily, we got the scoop for you!

Does Сhipotle Offer a Military Discount?

Despite Сhipotle being one of the most popular restaurant chains in the US, they do not offer a military discount. Сhipotle does not currently advertise any military discounts, so you won’t find any information about that on their website.

Although there is not an official statement from Сhipotle on this matter, several Сhipotle employees have also confirmed that Сhipotle does have any promotions for military members in place. 

Is There Any Way to Get a Сhipotle Military Discount?

While Сhipotle doesn’t have a national military discount, some employees may be willing to give you a discount if you ask. 

Since every location is independently owned and operated, Сhipotle employees have the right to offer discounts at their discretion. Therefore, it’s always worth asking. 

Is There a Сhipotle Military Discount on Veterans Day?

As of last year, Сhipotle has not announced any special Сhipotle military discount or promotion on Veterans Day.

However, in 2019 they did have a special offer called “BOGO” (Buy One Get One Free) on Veterans Day. At that time, Сhipotle asked customers to come in with a valid military ID or proof of service (which Сhipotle accepted as a DD-214 form) to receive two entrées for the price of one. 

However, Сhipotle has not yet announced if they will offer a similar Veterans Day promotion in 2023. So, at this time, there is no Сhipotle military discount available for Veterans Day. 

Other Ways to Save at Сhipotle

The main way Сhipotle offers discounts is through their loyalty program, Сhipotle Rewards. With Сhipotle Rewards, you can earn 10 points for every dollar that you spend in the restaurant, in the Сhipotle app, or online. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for meals at like Сhipotle, such as burritos and guac, donations to charity, or Сhipotle apparel. 

Сhipotle Rewards members also get exclusive offers, including birthday rewards and achievement badges. That means saving more and unlocking Сhipotle rewards sooner than ever before.

Plus, you can get a free instant reward when you join Сhipotle Rewards.  Plus, Сhipotle Rewards members get 10 Freepotle drops in the year they join. These include items like guacamole, Double Protein, Queso Blanco, chips, and other extras. 

So even though Сhipotle does not currently offer a Сhipotle military discount, there are still plenty of ways to save with Сhipotle Rewards. To sign up for Сhipotle Rewards and start earning points today, visit the Сhipotle website or download the Сhipotle app. There, you will find all the instructions you need to start saving at Сhipotle.

Other Companies That Offer Military Discounts

Despite Сhipotle not offering a Сhipotle military discount, plenty of companies are willing to honor our military members with discounts and other offers. To make it easy for you to find out which companies offer military discounts, we’ve created a comprehensive list of companies and businesses that might be of interest to our military members. Check it out below!

Medieval Timesup 10% offAll active and retired military members, veterans, reservists, military family members
Old Navy10% offAll active and retired military members, veterans, reservists, military family members
AT&T25% offAll active and retired military members, veterans, and their spouses
VerizonUp to 25% offAll active and retired military members, veterans, reservists, cadets, and Gold Star Families. 
AdidasUp to 30%All active and retired military members, veterans, reserves, their spouses, and dependents


So, does Сhipotle have a Сhipotle military discount? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Сhipotle does not currently have any national military discounts available. However, some Сhipotle employees may be willing to offer discounts at their discretion. So, you might as well take your chance and ask! Who knows, you may be in luck!

Thank you for reading! Thank you for your service!

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